The Matinee July 29th has six eclectic tracks for your listening pleasure today. We have beautiful electro pop, captivating singer-songwriter fare, awesome indie pop/rock, and amazing indie rock. We have bands representing the US and the UK for today’s playlist. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for more on our Saturday sampler and of course our Sunday mega playlist.

AMETHYSTS – “My Love” (Suffolk, England)

RIYL: Elohim, Oh Wonder, Meadowlark


“My Love” is a stellar debut track by Suffolk duo Simon and Clarice. Recording everything from their own home studio, we are enamored by their talent of tight electronic production and honey dipped vocals.

“My Love” takes you on a dreamy sonic trip with perfectly plucked acoustic instrumentation along with soothing synth and thoughtful percussion.

Lyrically the song takes you on an emotional journey regarding relationships. Especially the one where you sometimes get so wrapped up in the moment, you have to reset expectations and realize what you believe true love really is.

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Future Generations – “Thunder In The City” (New York City, USA)

RIYL: ELEL, Swimm, Ten Fé

Future Generations - "Thunder In The City"

“Thunder In The City” is the newest from NYC based Future Generations. Their self-titled debut album is actually out today.

“Thunder In The City” has everything you need in an indie rock track that will then force you to hit repeat. With unique vocals, keenly placed synth and mainstream pop sensibilities, we can really see Future Generations making an impact on pop influenced indie rock today.

Lead singer Eddie Gore shares a bit about the track: I don’t want to get too specific about meaning behind the song because it’s not supposed to be specific, but it’s definitely about being happy in a moment and about looking back and being happy with yourself”.

Future Generations’ self-titled debut LP will be out July 29th, 2016 on Frenchkiss Records.

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Genders – “Life Is But A Dream” (Portland, Oregon)

RIYL: Alvvays, Honeyblood, DIIV

Genders - "Life Is But A Dream"

Genders are providing awesome laid back indie rock with a nostalgic vibe, yet still completely new and fresh for today.

“Life Is But A Dream” is the perfect track to just chill to on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Ms. Morris’ vocals are inviting and with the amazing blend of hazy guitars, utopian synth and overall dream inducing vibes you have one stellar track.

“Life Is But A Dream” is from their forthcoming EP release titled Phone Home.

Genders are Maggie Morris (guitar/vocals/omnichord/synth), Stephen Leisy (guitar/synth), Katherine Paul (drums/vocals), and Matt Hall (bass).

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Liyv – “Now You Say You Love Me” (Seattle, USA)

RIYL: VÉRITÉ, Ofelia K, Bitter’s Kiss

Liyv - "Now You Say You Love Me"

Liyv has a new release which is part of their one song release per month project. With each new release they have proven solid and calculated singles that do not feel rushed or incomplete.

Liyv is actually a duo (Olivia Paige Holman and Joel Marchand) whose infusion of electronic synth flourishes into creations that makes for some exquisitely charming music.

The focus of each track is usually on the vocals as they should be. With “Now You Say You Love Me” we have Ms. Holman’s sultry vocals encapsulated around simple acoustic leanings, comforting synth and perfectly placed symbols.

Lyrically the track takes us on a story of a past love who has come crawling back, yet it’s just too late. Follow Liyv for more track each and every month in 2016.

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Moats – “Castaway” (Biggleswade, England)

RIYL: Controller, Foals, The Night Cafe

Moats - "Castaway"

We are sad this will be our last post about Moats. Sadly, the band have decided to part ways even though we believe they have that special something that with a little promotion or a label, would garner them well deserved success.

We saw Moats play live at the ACL Festival back in 2014 and we were blown away and have been following them ever since. For today we thought it was only proper to share what will be one of their last releases. Who knows maybe they will be back as a new re-invented band in the future (we can hope anyway).

“Castaway” proves the talent of this UK based quartet with displaying methodical timing throughout the track which completely elicits an undeniable emotional response as do most of their tracks.

Moats are (were) Matt, Nate, James and Will.

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Ofelia K – “Killing Me” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: B.Miles, Grace Mitchell, Liyv

Ofelia K - "Killing Me"

“Killing Me” is the latest from one of our favorites, Ofelia K. We seriously can’t help but share everything she produces. As each new track is released, she continues to captivate us.

“Killing Me” includes her signature acoustic based plucks woven in with bass driven synth and signature electronic elements that poise her for breakout success.

The other amazing part about Ms Ofelia K is the songwriting. She shares a bit about the motivation behind the track: “Killing Me is about the strange paradox that those who love you the most can hurt you the most. Loving deeply makes you vulnerable and the highs and lows can be extreme.”

The song is available today on South By Sea Music.

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