The Matinee August 2nd features eight cool, new tunes. There are some familiar names (i.e., artists previously covered on The Matinee) but several new arrivals. Take a moment and listen to new music by some of indie music’s hidden gems.


Arbitraire – “Dandelions” (Denmark)

RIYL: Aloric, Purity Ring, Phoria

Arbitraire - "Dandelions"

Eight months ago, electronic trio Arbitraire tickled our ears with their bone-chilling single “Compound”. The song was a fantastic introduction to the group. If “Compound” made us pay attention, their new single, “Dandelions”, has cemented our fandom for them. “Dandelions” is simply dazzling. Whereas so many electronic groups try to overwhelm listeners with over using samples and heavy bass, Arbitraire have taken the lessons they have learned from their days as classical, jazz, and hip hop musicians to create a cinematic, knee-buckling song. And unlike many artists within this genre, the Danish trio are thoughtful songwriters with this tune telling the tale of the dehumanization of the world. This is just another reason why Arbitraire are a band to watch, and their forthcoming, debut EP, BIAS, will only raise their profile within the indie scene.

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COS & effekt – “Awake My Soul” (Mumford & Sons remake) (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: The Chainsmokers, London Grammar, Tove Lo

COS&effekt - "Awake My Soul"

A new band to emerge on the electronic scene are COS & effekt. While the duo have performed in other groups and have had television placements in various projects, little is known about them. They remain a mystery, opting instead to let their music do the talking. In this sense, their debut single definitely perks up the ears, as they offer a fantastic remake of Mumford & Sons’ hit, “Awake My Soul”. The melody of the original can slightly be heard; however, COS & effekt have completely transformed the tune into a smooth and sultry electronic number. It’s not an EDM track, but rather leans towards indietronica and electro-pop a la The Chainsmokers’ more recent work. Dare we say this version is better than the original? COS & effekt will be releasing original material soon, and these forthcoming singles will give us a better indication of the duo’s potential. This first foray is a great introduction, however, to their ability to make electronic sound intimate.

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Gothic Tropic – “How Life Works” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Regina Spektor, Eleanor Friedberger, Hannah Georgas

Gothic Tropic - "How Life Works"

Even before we started The Revue, Cecilia Della Peruti’s project, Gothic Tropic, was among our favorite indie acts. She is the rare combination of superlative songwriter and brilliant musician, who has successfully dabbled in multiple genres. Peruti, as such, is a chameleon within the music world. With “How Life Works”, the LA-based artist has created an alt-pop song that is simultaneously anthemic and intimate. The combination of synths, percussion, and even a horn section build the emotion in the track, but it is Peruti’s lyrics of regret and sorrow that give “How Life Works” its soul.

“How Life Works” will be on Peruti’s new album, Fast or Feast, which arrives October 28th via Old Flame Records.

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Heavy Heart – “Fruitfly” (London, England)

RIYL: Wolf Alice, Black Honey, Alvvays

HEAVY HEART - "Fruitfly"Like a few other artists (see one of our favorites Liyv), London-based Heavy Heart have been releasing a new song each month. This month’s selection is “Fruitfly”, a catchy and spirited number that combines indie-pop with a touch of shoegaze. But what makes this song brilliant is that there is a grittiness that can be heard beneath the lush melodies. It is an approach that echoes Wolf Alice, where you patiently wait for the song to just unfurl into a wave of cascading guitars. That moment does not arrive in this tune, as the band opts to keep the song in the dream realm. It is, as such, a bit of tease, but one still rewarding as we submit to Heavy Heart’s enchantment. If they play this live, however, let’s hope they let just it loose to give us two awesome versions.

After spinning “Firefly”, check out their past singles on SoundCloud.

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Murmur Tooth – “Knees Are Clean” (Berlin, Germany)

RIYL: Wild Flag, Le Butcherette, early Garbage

Murmur Tooth - "Knees Are Clean"

Murmur Tooth have one of the best taglines of any group or artist. They refer themselves as, “The 46th best band in the world”. This tongue-in-cheek statement is part of the reason why we were drawn to the Berlin-based trio, who are comprised of individuals who originated from New Zealand and England. The main reason for including Murmur Tooth is that they are bringing alternative rock / grunge music to the present day. Last month, they released their debut EP, The Room, which included “Knees Are Clean”. The song illustrates the band’s unique direction – adding a melodic approach to the gritty and unfiltered grunge rock that many of us have grown up listening to in the early ’90s. It definitely is different, but it is also extremely cool.

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Sibling – “Revolve” (Venice, CA,USA)

RIYL: Massive Attack, Meadowlark, London Grammar

Sibling - "Revolve"

Hallowing and stark is the best way to describe the new single by Sibling, who teased us over a year ago with their beautiful, piano-driven ballad, “Easy”. Just like that moment, we still know very little about the Venice, California-based duo. At the time, they had recorded a number of songs in Toronto and were expected to release an EP or LP. For unknown reasons, things were put on hold, and it was only last month when they released their second song, the electro-pop soother “Westside”. Single number three, “Revolve”, sees Sibling head once again in a different direction. Resonating with the haunting and crippling qualities of Massive Attack’s trip hop, “Revolve” is an awesome, trippy experience. It is dark. It is haunting. It is simple by electronic standards, yet this approach is what enables the song to penetrate deep into your mind. “Resolve”, therefore, is a song that you will not forget, as it stands out from the masses for its emotional and psychological effects. Hopefully, “Resolve” and “Westside” are signs that the long-awaited record will be arriving soon.

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Soffía Björg – “I Lie” (Borgarfjörður, Iceland)

RIYL: PJ Harvey, The Jezebels, Nadine Shah

Soffía Björg - "I Lie"Not everything coming out of Iceland is of the Sigur Rós, post-rock variety; the Of Monsters and Men-version of Americana and pop-rock music; or the experimental wonderland of Björk. Newcomer Soffía Björg exemplifies the diversity of Iceland’s music scene, as she is a straight-up rocker. Over the weekend, Björg released her awesome debut single, “I Lie”. The oft-kilter arrangements and sporadic melodies echo PJ Harvey. Just as you think the song will climax, Björg takes the song to an unexpected direction. Yet at the same time, the song is subtly anthemic thanks to Björg’s no-nonsense lyrics and confident vocals. Sounds like PJ Harvey, don’t you think?

“I Lie” will be on Björg’s forthcoming, debut album. Its name and release date are still to be announced.

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Sunhaze – “Always You” (San Francisco, USA)

RIYL: Saltwater Sun, Best Coast, FURS

SUNHAZE - "Always You"

From The Amazing to Beach Fossils, some bands live up to their names. San Francisco-based Sunhaze are another one. Their music borders between dream-pop and surf-pop and often done with a sunny disposition. Their new single, “Always You”, evidences the band’s atmospheric approach, but there is more to their music than just a summery vibe. Between the lush and dazzling sound is a dark undertone created by the touches of synth that percolate beneath the surface. It is this little addition that gives the song a much-needed extra texture, which heightens the vulnerability of the song’s theme of unrequited love and makes you reconsider how to characterize Sunhaze. Regardless of the description, Sunhaze have given us a song to remember.

“Always You” is the lead single from Sunhaze’s forthcoming new album, Wishful Thinking, which is set to be released September 9th.

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