Amanda Merdzan has been an artist we have been tracking for the past year. She dazzled us with her debut single, “Matter”, introducing us to her delicate electro-pop. Almost a year to the day, the Perth, Australia native (now based in London) has released her sophomore EP, Commands, which describes exactly what she intends to do – to commands attention and not be one bit feel apologetic.

The EP commences with the avant-pop track, “Glow”. The chilled-out tempo sets a leisure summer tone that we all are desperately holding onto as the sunny season starts to slowly fade. Merdzan’s sultry vocals combined with the smooth instrumentation make this track a perfect one to groove to during a late-night dip in the pool.

Moving forward, Merdzan’s places powerful hip-hop beats atop soothing synths and majestic vocals on “All of You” and “Matter,” creating an interesting contrast that adds depth. Notably, towards the end of “All of You,” the overflowing orchestral creates a sonically shimmering effect that’s quietly electrifying. “Matter”, meanwhile, soothes the nerves. Although the song is a year old, it feels as fresh and dazzling as the first time we heard the track.

After that, things slow down once again when Merdazan’s discusses a metaphorical “old flame” on “Flame.” During Merdzan’s past relationship, she preaches that things got to a point where they just weren’t the same anymore and the “fire” between them began to trickle away. Despite the somber love story, the energetic piano keeps this song pristine.


Merdzan ends the EP on a high note with her most musically involved track. The 80s-styled kick drums build the heat and passion of this tune with lyrics that mirror that same energy. Basically, it’s a classy, “fuck you” tune where Merdzan is preaching to never settle for less because “you can do better than that.” In many ways, this last verse is reflective of Merdzan herself, who is constantly challenging and pushing herself to achieve greatness. And sooner than later, she will achieve her goal. She is too talented not to.

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Amanda Merdzan - Commands

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