Waterfall Wash profile 2There are no shortage of love songs out there, but what about songs inspired by marriage? Take a moment to think about that one as there are not too many specifically about tying the knot and its long-term commitment. Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” might be the most popular of the bunch and there’s the Orleans’ classic, “Still The One” (although the latter may not necessarily be about marriage). If you are looking for a modern-day wedding tune, look no further than Waterfall Wash‘s new single, “Married to the Sound”, which we are pleased to premiere today.

The song is inspired by a real-life marriage, specifically between Waterfall Wash band members Ellice Evins and Michael Roddy. “Married to the Sound”, however, is not the typical song of devotion. It is not a slow, romantic ballad, where one is gushing over the other. Instead, the track is an uplifting, alt-folk-rock tune that slowly builds to its glorious finish driven by shimmering guitars and dazzling synths. Not surprisingly, Roddy and Evins, respectively, bring the song to its conclusion, perfectly marrying their instruments on this fun track.

What also makes the song stand out is that the newlywed couple are the only two principal characters of the song. The other lead is the thing that brought them together – music. Now how many songs about music playing the role of Cupid have you heard?

Take a listen to “Married to the Sound” below. It officially drops tomorrow via Palaver Records. In the meantime, though, go ahead and spin the song to your heart’s content and then share it with a loved one. Maybe it will inspire you to pop the question or have it played at your own wedding. On that point, we do wonder whether “Married to the Sound” was Evins and Roddy’s wedding song, and if it was then their ceremony must have been one awesome event.

If you are in the Nashville area, you can congratulate the couple in person tomorrow night (Friday, August 12th), as they along with bandmates Wes Cramer, Andrew Johnson, and Marshall Dunn will be performing at The 5 Spot in East Nashville. Glen Martin, Quiet Hollers and American Roommates will open the gig.

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Featured photo by John Brown.

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