It’s Wednesday and it’s time for your mid-week dose of awesome music. On The Matinee August 17th, we have a mix of synthpop, indie rock, dream pop a bit of singer-songwriter and just plain amazing rock.  Artists represented today are Australia, the UK and the US. We hope you find your new favorite track or artist today.


Beauty Sleep – “Living Right” (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

RIYL: Beach House, Summer Heart, Washed Out


We previously shared “The Dark” which was their debut track and we were immediately intrigued. Beauty Sleep’s obsession with fuzzy synths and dream inspired pop music continues to show the bands ability to compete in the one of music’s newest trendsetting genres.

They are back with “Living Right” and their newest track takes a warmer tone and is one of the perfect tracks to round out the summer with. “Living Right” is blissful dream pop that immediately hooks the listener with the addictive hazy guitars wrapped up with an ethereal vocals and perfectly placed synth. With two top notch singles released so far, we will definitely be keeping our eyes on Beauty Sleep.

Beauty Sleep is Ryan McGroarty, Cheylene Murphy and Aimee Williamson.

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Gypsy & The Cat – “Tragedies of a Love Song” (Melbourne, Australia)

RIYL: Gold Fields,  Miami Horror, Monogem


Gypsy & The Cat recently released their newest album Virtual Islands earlier this month and we are sharing one of our favorite tracks, “Tragedies of a Love Song”.

We have a nostalgic feel throughout with the lyrics that remind us “Where are all of the yesterdays?”. It’s a great contemplation of past relationships and begs the questions if a failing relationship can actually be salvaged.

The track is upbeat and dreamy with a hint of Cure-era new wave even though the lyrical content isn’t so sunny, we still want to hit repeat and receive a bit of pick me up.

Gypsy & The Cat is comprised of Xavier Bacash & Lionel Towers. You can pick up Virtual Islands on i-Tunes.

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Luxury Death – “Radiator Face” (Manchester, England)

RIYL: Angelic Milk, Hater, Sudakistan


Luxury Death has just released their debut track and it’s a dose of lo-fi gold. The boyfriend/girlfriend duo of Ben Thompson and Meg Williams bring an awesome mix together in their debut track.

The track starts off with a bit of a psychedelic start and moves straight to lo-fi rock with nice touches of organ and tambourine. We are happy that once what started as something else to do in the bedroom, has become a talented band that we are definitely going to keep tabs on.

Luxury Death is Ben Thompson (guitar/vocals) and Meg Williams (keys/vocals), accompanied by Tommy Stewart on bass and Luke Rowland on drums for live performances. Their debut EP will be forthcoming and released on PNKSLM Recordings.

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MERGES – “ATL” (Nashville, USA)



“ATL” is the debut track from MERGES aka Kelsey Merges. We hear a BANKS-ish vibe throughout “ATL” yet we are introduced to the Nashville based artist’s own style which captivates the listener both sonically and lyrically.

Not only do we have Ms. Merges’ honey dripped vocals which instantly captivate, we also have a talented songwriter that speaks to that relationship that is failing yet both sides are in denial that there is a problem.

Kelsey shares her own summary of her debut track:“That feeling when you’re in a relationship that’s becoming worse each day, but neither person is breaking it off or even wants to admit it’s not good.”  This goes with the old saying that you can’t heal a wound if you don’t know it’s there. How can anything be fixed if you don’t believe (or say) it’s broken?

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PAPA – “Rain More” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Generationals, Geographer, Oberhofer


PAPA are back and we are so excited to share the third single from their upcoming album.
“Rain More” is energetic and intense with almost a forbearing tone.

We have Mr. Weiss’ strong and stern vocals complemented by driving bass and keys along with ample percussion. It’s driving us to hit repeat. PAPA also shares a bit about the inspiration for their newest album, Kick At The Dust:

“This album is about empowerment, whether it be artistic empowerment, political empowerment, or sexual empowerment. It’s about taking control of your life, and your vision. I think so many of us don’t even realize we can change the unsatisfying lives we live. We have the power.”

PAPA is comprised of Darren Weiss and Danny Presant. “Rain More” is from their forthcoming album titled Kick At The Dust which will be released September 16th.

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Whesli – “Lost Love” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Erykah Badu, India.Arie


Whesli is a Los Angeles based duo comprised of Whesli Gamble
and Daniel Perback . They have been playing together since 2015 and they are now currently working on releasing their debut EP.

“Lost Love” is one of the singles from their upcoming EP. The duo have created an emotionally charged track that speaks of love and death. They also have a pretty cool video to go along with the song.

Whesli’s vocals are soulful and beautiful and she speaks to a lost love from her past with the lyrics “I fell in love when I was a kid, and I’m still deep in it, but he’ll never know cuz I won’t let those feelings show, instead I’ll move on the way that he did.”

We look forward to hearing more from Whesli. Be on the look out for their EP release sometime later this year.

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