The Matinee August 18th features eight songs that range from the electrifying to sultry. As always, The Matinee spans the globe, featuring artists from Australia, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, England, and the USA.


Honey Lung – “Something” (London, England)

RIYL: My Bloody Valentine, Sundara Karma, Wolf Alice

Honey Lung - "Something"

The sole group on the list that is not led by a female vocalist is Honey Lung. The London trio is part of a new wave in Brit rock, merging blistering grunge rock with melodic pop undertones. Their new single, “Something”, is outrageously awesome. The song blazes with crystalline, shoegaze guitars, and the tempo moves from a shimmering, lush pace to a barn-burning, head-waving rocker. The most impressive aspect of the song, though, is the energy. The song is electrifying and just gets better and more intense as it progresses. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

Honey Lung are Jamie Batten (vocals/guitar), Omri Covo (drums), and Charlie Gardener (bass). Their debut EP is expected later this year on RYP Recordings.

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Hydrogen Sea – “Beating Heart” (Brussels, Belgium)

RIYL: Wet, Milk & Bone, Priest

Hydrogen Sea - "Beating Heart"

There are no shortage of synth-/electro-pop bands. The industry is littered with them. So how do artists get noticed? The answer is simple – create a song as tantalizing and beautiful as Hydrogen Sea‘s “Beating Heart”. PJ Seaux’s production work and instrumentation are simple, but the downtempo approach gives the song its intimacy and cinematic quality.  Singer Birsen Uçar’s vocals, however, are what draw you in. Slight, delicate, and vulnerable, Uçar provides the sultry element to the track. The combination will leave you breathless. Now we understand why Hydrogen Sea have become a favorite within the Belgian house, club, and electronic scenes. Their stars should explode when their debut album In Dreams, is released on September 16th via Unday Records.

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Julia Jacklin – “Coming Of Age”” (Blue Mountains / Sydney, Australia)

RIYL: Angel Olsen, Sharon Van Etten, Margaret Glaspy

Julia Jacklin - "Coming Of Age"

Is there another artist whose star has exploded as much as Julia Jacklin‘s this year? She started the year as a relative unknown in broader circles, but her debut single, “Pool Party”, caught a lot of people’s attention. Her second single, “Leadlight”, won over more fans, as people gravitated to her Angel Olsen-esque style and warm vocals a la Patsy Cline. Single #3, “Coming of Age”, will cement people’s love affair with the 25-year old Australian, if people were not already mesmerized.

The comparisons to Olsen will only intensify with this introspective, folk-rocker. The catchy guitar riffs and Jacklin’s Patsy Cline vocals lure in, but it is her story about chasing one’s dreams and stumbling on the way to achieve them that captivates. Three songs and all three have been awesome. And as we stated last month, it is not a question of Jacklin will be a star but when. For that matter, she is indie rock’s newest star and sensation. Learn more about Jacklin in this great Q&A with Interviewer Magazine.

Jacklin’s debut solo album, Don’t Let The Kids Win, is due out October 7th via Transgressive (UK/Europe/Asia), Polyvinyl (North America), and Liberation Music (Aus/NZ).

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Miya Folick – “Pet Body” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Blondie, PJ Harvey, Siouxsie & The Banshees

Miya Folick - "Pet Body"

Speaking of rising stars, Miya Folick is one of them. Last spring, she rocked our worlds with two singles, “Talking With Strangers” and “I Got Drunk”. It has, however, been nine months since she has released anything new, but she is back with vengeance.

Her new single, “Pet Body”, is a wild, delirious ride. Folick showcases an edgier and harder side, incorporating ’70s punk rock and ’80s rock. In addition, Folick shows another side not revealed on her previous singles – lots of pizzazz, sass, and attitude. Debbie Harry, Siouxsie Sioux, Miya Folick? The Los Angeles resident definitely has the potential and personality to achieve such lofty expectations.

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Psychic Love – “Ultralight” (Echo Park, CA, USA)

RIYL: Jenny Lewis, Nice As Fuck, Angel Olsen

Psychic Love - "Ultralight"We’ve often been asked the question, “What does it take for The Revue to share a song?” The answer is simple – make us say the word “Wow!”. Psychic Love‘s new single, “Ultralight”, did just that.

“Ultralight” is everything we love about a song. It is warm and dreamy, taking us to places that we long to be. The song’s blues-rock vibe adds a dash of raw grittiness to keep us grounded. The storyline is honest and introspective, as frontwoman Laura Peters recounts past failures in her life yet at the same time all she can do is look forward. Then Peter’s warm vocals mesmerize and lift our spirits. “Dreamy grunge” is how Peters describes Psychic Love’s music, but we’ll just call it “Wow!”

In addition to Peter, Psychic Love are Liam McCormack, Max Harrison, and Chris Dunn. “Ultralight” is from the band’s upcoming debut album, The Hive Mind.

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Pyke – “Intimacy II” (Arendal, Norway)


Pyke - "Intimacy II"

We have all heard the phrase, “Push the envelope”, to motivate us to reach new heights and achieve something great. The adage also applies to music, if not more so, as the field gets increasingly crowded. Norwegian duo Pyke have done just that with their new single, “Intimacy II”.

“Intimacy II” is spectacular. It is difficult to describe because Benjamin Pyke-Lindtveit and Kjersti Pyke-Lindtveit have integrated several genres, textures, and layers. The song has the soaring majesty of a post-rock anthem, the sensuality of the most dazzling synth-pop, and the haunting elegance of cinematic indie. Despite its complexity, “Intimacy II” is stunning with every element complementing the other. It is a brilliant piece of artistry by a duo who have operated with the precision of a masterful architect.

“Intimacy II” is from Pyke’s upcoming LP, Detox. The album will be released October 7th.

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Red Rosamond – “Looks Can Kill” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Amy Winehouse, Adele, Elle King

Red Rosamond - "Looks Can Kill"

Plenty of artists have attempted to create stirring, cinematic songs. Very few, however, are able to strike the perfect balance between the emotional and suspenseful. Red Rosamond‘s debut single, though, checks every single box. “Looks Can Kill” is fantastic. The hollow guitar and the fervent drumming create the anxious atmosphere, but it is Rosamond’s vocals that take the song to another level. They sultry and smooth, yet there is an urgency and vulnerability in them. As a result, the song is not merely one about the hero coming to save the day; it is also about the people who are sacrificed for that day to come. Too bad Sam Smith couldn’t have written such a song for the last Bond movie.

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Sofia Härdig – “Low and Slow” (Sweden)

RIYL: Sleater-Kinney, White Flag, Kim Gordon

Sofia Härdig - LOW AND SLOW

There is no other way to describe Swedish artist Sofia Härdig than as a future rock goddess. While she is a relative unknown by mainstream standards, Härdig is a respected artist within the Swedish and international music scenes. The instrumentalist has worked with the likes of Belle and Sebastian and Free Kittens, and she is now taking her turn as a solo artist. Her focus, though, is not what you would expect, unless you read this space a few months ago.

In February, Härdig blew us away with her Sonic Youth / Kim Gordon-esque “Sitting Still”. It was a great introduction into Härdig’s edgy side. Her latest single, “Low and Slow”, is another blistering number, but even grittier than the first. The song echoes the no-nonsense, in-your-face approach of Sleater-Kinney with the hollow guitars and throbbing bass lines. Härdig also does her best to channel the great Corin Tucker vocally and spiritually. Two songs, two steps closer to being recognized as a full-blown rock star.

We will get to learn more about Härdig soon, specifically when her new album, And The Street Light Leads To The Sea, arrives October 28th.

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