The Matinee August 24th includes six eclectic new singles for your listening pleasure. We have an upbeat mix today that ranges from amazing indie rock to energetic synth pop. We inadvertently have the majority of artists coming from the US along with the UK.

Breathe Panel – “On My Way” (Brighton, England)

RIYL: Deerhunter, The Walkmen, The Radio Dept

Breathe Panel - "On My Way"

Breathe Panel are from Devon born but now Brighton based. So far they have released their first single with FatCat Records. “On My Way” was released earlier this month along with their b-side track, “Try To See”. With both tracks we have breathy vocals, just the right amount of reverb along with stellar guitar licks. We hear a bit of jangly surf rock mixed in with shoegaze and a bit of kraut rock.

Breathe Panel are comprised of childhood friends Josh Tyler and Harry Vick along with Nick Green and Benjamin Reeves. Their debut single with FatCat was released exclusively on 7″ vinyl in select stores.

The single is out now via FatCat Records and can  be picked up digitally here.

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Dehd – “Sunburn” (Chicago, USA)

RIYL: Amen Dunes, Parquet Courts, Ariel Pink

Dehd - "Sunburn"

Dehd is from Chicago and they just released a stellar punk inspired lo-fi garage track “Sunburn”. It is the perfect break up song to wallow in as we are reminded of how a broken relationship is just like a sunburn. We are also reminded how we tell everyone we are better after the breakup, but it still hurts.

Dehd is comprised of Jason Balla Alexander Otake, Emily Kempf and Eric McGrady. We look forward to hearing more from this talented trio.

Dehd’s self-titled debut album comes out Friday via Fire Talk. The LP can also be picked up now on Dehd’s Bandcamp page.



Golden Coast – “Recess” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Rossy, The Chainsmokers, RKCB

Golden Coast - "Recess"

Golden Coast are back with a shimmery new track to help us close out the summer with. It also reminds us of how simpler life was when we were younger and all we did have to worry about was playing with our friends at recess.

“Recess” brings the nostalgia with the subject matter (let’s not forget all the games we played at recess – red light, green light, etc.) but the track instantly hooks you with its addicting chorus, infectious snaps, driving beats and of course GC’s signature and unforgettable falsetto.

“Recess” is the first single from their forthcoming EP which will be released later this fall.

Golden Coast is comprised of Denny White & Steven Mudd.

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Low Hum – “Sunburns” (Hawaii, USA)

RIYL: Iska Dhaaf, Washed Out, Wild Nothing

Low Hum - "Sunburns"

“Sunburns” is the newest from Low Hum (Hawaii native Collin Desha). The track is wonderfully hazy and is the perfect song to say farewell to summer. It reminds us of the beginnings of new love and the warmth that surrounds those feelings.

We hear just the right amount of reverb throughout and Desha’s lush vocals continue to keep us captivated. Overall, Low Hum’s fuzzed out ballads are at once aggressive psych jammers balanced with a range of vulnerability. We look forward to hearing more from Low Hum.

Low Hum creator Collin Desha shares a bit about the track:

“‘Sunburns’ for me, is about experiencing the vibrancy of the beach scene in Southern California — its allure and ultimately the thrill of taking a chance on love found there.”

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Trails and Ways – “Happiness” (Oakland, USA)

RIYL: Beat Connection, Geographer, Swimming Tapes

Trails and Ways - 'Happiness"

“Happiness” is the newest single from Oakland based Trails and Ways. The new album speaks to self-transformation through lush, hook-laden songs. “Happiness” provides us with an upbeat indie rock gem that contemplates the question of “Is happiness a choice?”. With addicting claps, driving bass and the perfect harmonious backup vocals, “Happiness” forces you to move.

The track is from their sophomore album, Own It, which will be released on October 7th. Trails and Ways are Keith Brower Brown and Ian Quirk with Kendra McKinley (guitar/keys/vocals) and Miriam Speyer (bass/vocals) joining them on tour.

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Young Summer – “Fallout” (Washington, D.C., USA)


Young Summer - "Fallout"

Young Summer is the project of Bobbie Allen. With “Fallout” we hear her captivating vocals set against addicting synthetic beats.

Lyrically we have the ending of a relationship that we know will be painful. She speaks to bracing for the fallout. As Ms. Allen longs for peace of mind instead of chaos, we become even more allured by her dreamy vocals and the ability to provide a serious lyrical subject matter set against danceable beats.

So far Young Summer has consistently been releasing powerful singles as of late which will eventually be released on her upcoming EP. We look forward to that release as each of her new singles continue to rack up plays on soundcloud.

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