On fossil jane‘s Facebook page, Olivia Price describes her solo project as a 23-year old “trying to figure out how to become a real person”. At first, the description comes across as humorous and self-deprecating, but upon closer examination the carefully chosen words are serious and introspective. This also applies to her choice of “fossil jane” as her moniker, which denotes something historic yet forgotten (fossil) and a person who goes unseen and remains unknown (Jane Doe).

The contemplation of her existence and value to those around her is revealed on Price’s debut EP, will you?/you will. The four-track compilation is beautiful, lo-fi, bedroom pop-rock that is quietly stunning and captivating, and each song moves you in unexpected ways. “regimen” is a gorgeous, lo-fi folk-rock track that echoes Mothers and Julia Jacklin in its delivery and thoughtful lyricism. On this song, Price questions the people and daily routines that govern our lives, where people will opt for the certainty of the predictable despite the pain and hurt that comes with it.

time” is absolutely gorgeous. Price’s voice hovers effortlessly through the air as she sings about the memory of someone she has lost. The song feels like Price is floating gracefully next to the loved one but unable to go with her to the final destination.

“will you?/you will.” possesses an early Sharon Van Etten quality – warm, breathtaking, and truthful. The song is sheer captivation, starting slowly before building into an unexpected burner. The song is a call to be let go, to be set free from the things that keep us grounded. The call is one not only known by 23-year olds, but all individuals, young and old. Price’s vocals are superb and the bedroom-style production work is terrific, giving the song an intimacy that could not be matched in the studio.

Although the EP deals mostly with the desire to be set free, “fossil jane” is the record’s antithesis. The song is an ode to her family. It is one part a thank you to her parents and how much she misses them. Yet, it is a letter telling them that she is all right, and it is time for her to find out how to be a real person. It is a riddle that Price continues to search. Hopefully, she will never find the answer so that we will presented with more thought-provoking, honest, and real stories. Price may not known it right now but with will you?/you will, her fossil jane will be soon be discovered.

will you?/you will is out now. Purchase it on Bandcamp. You can also catch Olivia Price with her band Queue, who are one of the year’s biggest surprises.

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fossil jane - will you you will

Featured photo by Brian Walker.

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