The Matinee August 31st includes six eclectic new tracks for your listening pleasure on this fine hump day. We have synth pop, dream pop, singer-songwriter fair and indie rock. Countries represented today include Canada, Cyprus, The UK, Germany, and The US. We hope you find your new favorite single or artist today.


BOYS – “Off To New York City” (London, England)

RIYL: Real Estate, Beach Fossils, Ducktails

BOYS - "Off To New York City"

London dream pop outfit BOYS have released “Off To New York City”, the second cut from their debut EP due out next month.

We are super excited to share “Off To New York City” which has us dreaming of a fun and exciting trip somewhere. With their relaxing style of dream pop, we can’t help but feel relaxed and in a better mood. With reverb filled vocals and surf-inspired guitar licks we can’t help but hit repeat.

BOYS are Ross Pearce (lead vocals), Kane Butler (lead guitar), Mike Stothard (harmonies/rhythm guitar), and Dan Heffernon (bass)

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Fjord – “I Get It Now” (Quebec City, Canada)

RIYL: Haux, Axel Flovent

Fjord - "I Get It Now"It was almost exactly a year ago that Fjord caught our attention…and we can’t seem to get enough.

“I Get It” is the newest amazing track from the Canadian duo comprised of Thomas Casault and Louis-Étienne Santias. With “I Get It” we are once again mesmerized by their knack for smart electronic production mixed with stellar songwriting and vocals.

The duo shares a bit about the meaning behind “I Get It”: ‘‘We wanted to make a melancholic, yet , intense electro pop song about the ambiguity sometimes present in relationships; love, lust, loss & things left unsaid.”

“I Get It Now” is the third single from the duo’s forthcoming, full length debut album, Textures. It will be released independently on September 16th.

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Marie Reiter – “Yesterday” (Berlin, Germany)

RIYL: Bats for Lashes, Lower Dens, Grace Joyner

Marie Reiter - "Yesterday"Sometimes you just happen upon a song or track that takes you aback, that impresses you so much you can’t help but share.

“Yesterday” by Marie Reiter is one of those tracks. It’s a beautifully written and composted track with her enthralling vocals telling the story of a love lost. Her vocals are set against a simple yet ethereal and somewhat experimental backdrop.  We can’t wait to hear more from Ms. Reiter.

“Yesterday” is the second song from Reiter’s forthcoming, new album, Nazareth.



Raccoon Fighter – “Adderall” (Queens, NY, USA)

RIYL: Night Beats, The Black Angels, Allah-Lahs

Raccoon Fighter - "Adderall"“Adderall” is the newest from Raccoon Fighter.  After that first guitar riff immediately starts, we can help but want to move. It’s a glorious explosion of groovy psych inspired rock.

We can’t help but savor that bass line and the perfectly paced tempo that has us wanting to hear more. There is a mix of eras included in this track (60s surf vibes) yet it’s definitely modern and fresh for today.

Raccoon Fighters is comprised of NY based trio Sean, Gabe and Zac.

The song is from Raccoon Fighters’ new album, Hover Craft which is out now via PaperCup Music.

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Royal Tongues – “Overdose” (Los Angeles via Buffalo, NY, USA)

RIYL: Passion Pit, Magic Man, Strange Talk

Royal Tongues - "Overdose"

If Royal Tongues new track was to get us addicted to their sound, it worked. Ironically the track is lyrically speaking of a love overdose.

We already loved their previous effort back in May titled “Oblivion” and now they are back with more addicting synth pop.

We can all relate to that one relationship that you can’t stop thinking about. Royal Tongues has everything needed to breakout onto the indie-pop scene. The indie pop duo is comprised of Aaron Bonus and Justin Gammella.

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The smallest Creature – “Reboot” (Larnaca, Cyprus)

RIYL: Melancholy, WOOF.

The Smallest Creature - "Reboot"

The smallest Creature began in New York City and was later located to Larnaca, Cyprus where they have been able to creatively flourish since.

“Reboot” is a single from their upcoming unreleased album. With “Reboot” we have a mix of genres and sounds coming through – a definite 90s vibe which brings a comfortable feeling throughout the track. Lyrically it’s a great song speaking to just starting over and beginning again. “Reboot” is expansive and shows their talent for composing a great indie rock track with impressive guitar.

The smallest Creature are Stefanos Marnerides, Iacovos Stylianides, and Stephanos Nicolaou. We are sure to hear more from them in 2016.

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