John Alcabean - "Real Time Fiction"John Alcabean is not a person. Well, may be it is someone’s name, but we know John Alcabean as Denmark’s next great rock band. With premiere spots on Clash Music and Upset Magazine plus coverage across multiple platforms, they might already be the little Scandinavian country’s best outfit.

Given the positive reviews of their first few releases, it is of great pleasure and an immense privilege to premiere John Alcabean’s new EP, Real Time Fiction.

All it takes is just one listen of Real Time Fiction to understand why the trio have become favorites of blogs and indie music fans. Their blend of indie rock and post-punk is infectious, fiery, and visceral while infusing a 90s sentimentality. Like the music of that era, John Alcabean’s songs are blistering, yet they are surprisingly intimate, personal, and relateable.

From the raging “Fire”, the melodic and thoughtful “Real Time Fiction”, the shimmering instrumental “SIOW”, and the emphatic “You Only”, the songs will make you want to jump and thrash your head. At the same time, you will be left contemplating moments in your life. Times when you lost someone close to you. The stage in your life when you went on a journey of self-discovery. Or the moment you realized that life is too short and you just need to live it.

This is what the trio of Victor Schack (guitar/vocals), Julius Schack (bass/vocals), and Daniel Winther (drums) are doing with Real Time Fiction. They are celebrating their young lives in a brief 23 minutes, and they have asked us to join them for the ride. As they explain about making the record:

When we started recording the EP, we had no experience with anything really. We just had some songs written that we liked and that we wanted to share with people. But when you’re completely naive about the whole situation there’s going be some bumps along the way, so it took some time getting it done.

With music as relentless and energizing as this, we only have one choice – to let John Alcabean lead the way and re-tell the memories that we already know.

Real Time Fiction officially drops tomorrow (September 2nd) via Tapetown Records. Hear the entire EP below. While you are doing that, pre-order the record on iTunes (DEN | UK | US | CAN), and Amazon (US).

John Alcabean are Victor Schack (guitar/vocals), Julius Schack (bass/vocals), and Daniel Winther (drums). Follow them at:
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Featured photo by Hans-Jørgen Hersoug

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