The Matinee September 2nd has a nice blend of amazing indie rock, mind blowing shoegaze, a bit of singer-songwriter and addicting electro pop. We hope you find your new favorite band on this fine Friday. Artists featured today represent Canada, The US and The UK. Don’t forget to check back for our Saturday Sampler tomorrow and our awesome weekly playlist on Sunday.

Boon – “Hunger” (New York City via Washington, D.C., USA)

RIYL: Atlas Sound, Grizzly Bear, The Dodos

Boon - "Hunger"

Boon is based in NYC now but originally from DC. “Hunger” is actually one of their first songs written back in 2014 but has gone through many iterations until now. It will be a part of their upcoming album and we are impressed by the final result.

With hard driving percussion (reminiscent of The Dodos), a bit of psych influenced rock and an expansive sound throughout the track is quite mesmerizing . Front many Brendan also shares a bit behind the songwriting: “The hunger that the song is talking about is just sort of like, people have hunger for things emotionally, and there’s many roles that you play in different relationships. “And it’s sort of like, how much of it is real, and how much of it is something you’re doing to adapt to a situation?'”

Boon is comprised of Brendan Principato, Jesse Paller, Drew Sher and Andrew Senken. “Hunger” is from their forthcoming album titled There’s No Saving This House.

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Colour of Spring – “Snow” (Leeds, England)

RIYL: My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, The Joy Formidable

Colour of Spring - "Snow"

“Snow” is the newest track from Leeds based quartet Colour of Spring. We have a pretty awesome shoegaze gem that we had to share. Colour of Spring definitely imbody the likes of MBV or Slowdive yet they have impressive elements of straight up rock that have made  bands like The Joy Formidable so successful.

With “Snow” we have an exhilarating shoegaze inspired track that completely grabs our attention. We look forward to hearing more from Colour of Spring. The band shares a bit behind the meaning of “Snow”: “It’s is mainly about inner conflict. About self analysing your short comings and bad habits while wanting to change them for someone you care for. Snow is the experience of knowing somebodywho eventually disappears from your life over time.”

“Colour of Spring” will be released September 23rd via Swirly Records.

Colour of Spring are Shane Hunter (vocals/guitar), Robin Deione (guitar/vocals), Tom Gregory (bass), and Bryce Gibson (drums).

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Diamond Mind – “Horseless Coach” (Edmonton, Canada)

RIYL: Local Natives, Royal Canoe, San Fermin

Diamond Mind - "Horseless Coach"

We first heard “Horseless Coach” and couldn’t get over the genius eclecticism. We have a rock track infused with horns, strings and an odd yet awesome bassline that captivates us throughout.

We actually got a bit of the background from the track as well: “Horseless Coach” was “largely inspired by the life of Frankie Dwyer Rowe and her experiences as a child in Roswell, New Mexico during the summer of 1947,” says Liam Trimble. “She and her father, the city’s fire marshall, unwittingly became key figures in a deep and enduring mystery when a fire in the sky, four mysterious corpses and a fistful of memory metal attract the unfriendly attention of an austere and uncompromising authority. The song is an imaginative retelling of a chase from city to city and across vast deserts — of a wild and unearthly drama.”

“Horseless Coach” is from their forthcoming debut album, Heavy Metal Sunshine, due out October 7 via Wyatt Records.

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FRND – “Friend” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: RKCB, Royal Tongues, Strange Talk

FRND - "Friend"

We don’t have the actual name of who FRND actually is, but we’re definitely intrigued. All we know is that by day, FRND is a video‐game enthused couch dweller, by night idiot‐savant, sugar‐fueled extrovert.

With the debut track from FRND, we have laid back synth encapsulating soothing vocals, mesmerizing bass and perfectly placed symbols and percussion.

After listening to “Friend” we can completely relate to the track with FRND sharing about the song: “I wrote “friend” about cutting a toxic person out of your life. You wake up one day and realize how much more enjoyable your life would be if they weren’t in it. In other words, you ask your boy to wingman you and instead he tries to swoop.”

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KYKO – “Horizon” (London, England)

RIYL: Fickle Friends, Golden Coast, KAPTAN

KYKO - "Horizon"

KYKO is 20 year old Scott Verill who is a multi-instrumentalist with a feverish passion for experimenting and has been crafting noise since reaching his teens. Raised in a household rife with the sounds of Paul Simon and British bands like The Jam, Verrill strives to combine his musical background with his passion for modern pop music and it’s ever evolving form.

KYKO has continued to expand and evolve. We now have a new track titled “Horizon” which is from his forthcoming EP, Wildlife.

On “Horizon” we have the perfect end of summer jam which includes tropical beats, a bit of an afro vibe and the pop sensibilities of heavy radio hitters like the 1975. “Horizon” is addicting and it’s a lyrical plea for positivity and love in a relationship vs.negativity or tearing someone down.

Horizon”  is released today through LAB Records.

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Ren – “The Coast” (Newcastle, England)

RIYL: Dick Gaughan, The Staves, Foy Vance

Ren - "The Coast"

REN is Conor Owen and he is creating memorable tracks with his soothing and comfortable vocals and talented storytelling.

With “The Coast” we have simple acoustic arrangements surrounded by the added element of strings. This is the perfect backdrop to frame Mr. Owen’s vocals as he tells the story of his travels throughout Europe. The result is a wonderful track with an ethereal feel.

Mr. Owen shares a bit about the song: ‘The Coast’ was inspired by a yearning feeling that I experienced before I made a decision to take my first proper traveling trip. To get the funds together, I converted my van into a camper van and lived in it in London whilst working a 9-5. I used to turn up to work every morning in running shorts and pretend that I had ran in to work just so I could use the office showers! I started my trip by getting the ferry to Norway from England with my van and from there I drove through Scandinavia, central Europe and a bit of Eastern Europe. I ended up living in the North of Holland for a little while before I moved to France for 5 months.

“The Coast” is officially released on October 7.

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