AndretajchmanAndré Tajchman has been releasing unique and memorable electronic-based music since 2015. And today, we are overly excited to premiere his newest song titled, “Outbreath”.

Mr. Tajchman has a knack for combining unique electronic elements as the perfect complement to his alluring, soulful vocals. Consequently, on the one hand, he has a timeless sound, like something you would find back in the day when ladies did nothing but swoon to the sound of his voice. On the other hand, he has completely and originally invented himself for today’s music world. Call it downtempo. Call it progressive soul. Whatever label you decide, one thing is clear – Mr. Tajchman is immensely talented.

What further separates Mr. Tajchman from many of today’s artists, who can compose a popular and captivating electronic track, is his songwriting. Like his idols Nina Simone and Billie Holiday, Mr. Tajchman’s lyricism is thoughtful, transparent, and emotional. With every song he has written, he leaves an undeniable mark, as he pours his soul into each track.

His new single, “Outbreath”, evidences the emerging artist’s mixture of classic soul and contemporary electronica. The production work is titillating and bone-chilling while Mr. Tajchman’s vocals are haunting yet warm. Regarding the meaning of the song, Mr. Tajchman shares the following:

“It was me trying to keep everything from falling apart, right after losing my mother. ‘Outbreath’ is about overcoming obstacles, but also about the damage it does to you in the long run. It was a very dark time for me. For months, it would take me hours to fall asleep, and I would keep seeing her when I closed my eyes, in my dreams.”

This young man is in for big things. What’s even more impressive is that André Tajchman is a self-taught artist. Originally from Brussels, Belgium and now based in London, Mr. Tajchman taught himself to play piano at age 12 and started singing and writing songs before turning 17. Once he moved to London, he began expanding his musical background by discovering The xx, James Blake, and FKA twigs. These influences, along with the aforementioned jazz legends, are evident on “Outbreath”.

It is only a matter of time before more learn of the true talent of Mr. Tajchman. For that matter, he IS the next big thing within the UK music scene. Discover this hidden gem and hear “Outbreath” below.

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