It’s September 7th so we only thought it was fitting to feature seven new songs today – that and we couldn’t quite shave it down to the usual six. We have a few upbeat synthpop tracks, lovely singer-songwriter and upbeat dream pop. We have a nice representation of countries today including Denmark, the UK, the US and Singapore. We hope you find your newest favorite track or artist today.

GIMI – “In Case We Die” (London, England via Copenhagen Denmark)

RIYL: Anderson Paak, Brandyn Burnette, SOHN

GIMI - "In Case We Die"

GIMI is originally from Denmark and we are entranced by this debut track. “in case we die” is mesmerizing and a lyrical gem. When you have lyrics that include “kiss my palm one last time before we let time tie our hands” you know there is a talented songwriter in your midst.

The track proclaims “I rose in love, but I fell down”. It’s a true testament to the risks we take with love, that most often end in hurt and loss in some way, shape or form. The production of the track is sublime with just the right amount of subtle synth and an ethereal chorus that keeps engaging the listener and takes you on an emotional journey.

We don’t not much about the artist behind GIMI, but we are intrigued enough to keep on listening and we are looking forward to hearing more.

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Goldie Chorus – “Soon” (Copenhagen, Denmark)

RIYL: Connan Mockasin, Diane Coffee, Twin Shadow

Goldie Chorus - "Soon"

What can we say about Goldie Chorus except that they immediately catch our attention with the very beginnings of the track with that bassline.

We hear some amazing elements once the vocals start which are totally reminiscent of David Bowie mixed in with The Flaming Lips. We are taken on a sonic trip that is one we can’t help but listen to again and again.

With elements of funk, soul, rock and synth pop we have a mind blowing explosion of sounds that completely take us off guard. We are ready to hear more from this talented trio.

“Soon” is the lead single from Goldie Chorus’ debut album, which is due later this year on Antiphonics (TBD). The band is comprised of Emil Davidsen, Asbjørn Storgaard, and Jeppe Davidsen.



Linying – “Paris 12” (Singapore)

RIYL: Cloves, Liyv, Billie Eilish

Linying - "Paris 12"

Linying caught our attention earlier this year with “Sticky Leaves” and she is back with “Paris 12”. Her vocals immediately mesmerized us and they still captivate with each new release.

Linying is from Singapore and she has immersed herself into the indie folk-pop landscape. She has already gotten over 1 million plays on Spotify so it’s only a matter of time before she breaks out in a big way. “Paris 12” is beautifully lush and we hear once again her talent for songwriting as well as her amazing vocals and ethereal production.

“Paris 12” is the title track from her upcoming EP of the same name that will be released September 30 via Akira Records.

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Mat Hunsley – “Dropping” (Newcastle, England)

RIYL: John Moreland, Jason Isbell, John Paul White

Mat Hunsley - "Dropping"

Mat Hunsley has an enigmatic way of reaching his listener in a contemplative and authentic way. With his newest release, “Dropping” we hear more of his talented songwriting and comforting vocals.

The track speaks to learning to be okay with yourself, even if it means defying the expectations of others. Mr. Hunsley has a way of bringing us into his world by slowly surrounding us with his simple acoustic elements that eventually turn into an ethereal and full bodied sound that we can’t deny.

“Dropping” will officially be available for sale this Friday, September 9th. His debut EP will be shared later this year via Trellis Records.

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Ofelia K – “Another World” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: MIYNT, Elohim, Phoebe Ryan

Ofelia K - "Chaos Cave"

“Another World” is the final track to Ofelia K’s upcoming EP titled Chaos Cave.

With “Another World” we are taken on a sonic trip that speaks to a love that transcends. We have elements that blend together and take the listener on a trip through the ebb and flow of relationships. We are always mesmerized by Ms. Ofelia’s vocals and she proves once again her combined talent of her amazing voice, emotive songwriting and stellar production is undeniable.

Ofelia shares a bit about the track: Another World seesaws between darkness and light, beauty and pain. My vision for this song was for it to take you through different worlds, as though the listener is traveling and taking in new terrain throughout. I love the visuals that the instrumentation paints, like the sounds are playing with one another and need to be hushed and contained at points.

“Another World” is out now via South by Sea Music. Ofelia K’s new EP Chaos Cave will be released this Friday by South By Sea.

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Socks – “Forevermore” (Modesto, CA, USA)

RIYL: Hippo Campus, Avec Sans, CHVRCHES

Socks - "Forevermore"

Socks are from California and they are blowing us away with their laid back blend of indie pop/rock. We can’t get enough of “Forevermore” which speaks to that relationship where you truly believe this is “the one”. We all want that true forever love and this is the perfect song to spin and think about your better half.

We feel dreamy, lovely and wonderful after first listen and we are immediately drawn to Ms. Krikke’s sweet and syrupy vocals and we can’t get enough (fans of Harriet Wheeler should fall in love with Gabbi Krikke). “Forevermore” is the perfect and upbeat end of summer jam.  It’s the perfect blend of shoegaze and dream pop to keep you wanting more.

Socks are a fairly new band but they have already proven their talent with “Forevermore” and we should expect a new EP later this fall so keep tabs on this up and coming talented quartet.

Socks are Gabbi Krikke (vocals), Joey Oliveira (guitar), Josh Hoogendoorn (bass), and Aaron Inacio (drums).

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WOOF. – “Honeybee” (Montclair, NJ, USA)

RIYL: Beck, Radiohead

WOOF. - "Honeybee"WOOF. is Kelan Bonislawski. We have been fans for quite a while now and it’s always a delight to hear a new track by the talented artist as he continues to push the envelope between genres. He is further proving his talent with new combinations that span rock, experimental sounds and a bit of a psych vibe in this track.

WOOF. doesn’t hold back on “Honeybee” with driving guitar, other worldly synth and that stereo feedback for a bit of nostalgia throughout. Lyrically we have a track that speaks to a love being as sweet as honey and you can’t quite get enough to be satisfied.

If you don’t already keep tabs on WOOF., you should as we feel he has the potential to break out in a big way.

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