I don’t believe songwriting has to be profound, but I truly believe that it’s a crime for you to be go outta of your way for it not to be. ~~~ Steve Earle

A lot of musicians would likely be in jail if Steve Earle was a legislator, but one artist who would not be is singer-songwriter Jack Ellis. The native of Cardiff, Wales is going against the grain by not merely writing songs but captivating stories. While his catalogue may be limited, each one to date has been provocative, emotive, and insightful. For instance, “Pocket of Lint”, which caught our attention earlier this year, reminded us of a young Jeff Buckley, as Ellis sang about a person down on his luck. Today, Ellis shares his newest output, the music video for “Disdained”, which we are pleased to share.

“Disdained” is the concluding part of a two-song series Ellis has created. The first was “The Storm”, which explored love, loss, and the unraveling of one’s life once a relationship has ended. “Disdained” is the aftermath. It is the hurricane that develops inside as the pain festers and builds. The song speaks of the rage and pain that is felt, and how these feeelings eventually become unleashed on the world.

The song showcases why Ellis is one of the UK’s rising talents. How he captures the complex stories and emotions on this chilling song is masterful. The video, meanwhile, is startlingly real, where mistakes get compounded and, as a result, more than one life is lost. By releasing both “The Storm” and “Disdained”, we are introduced to an artist who is thoughtful and unflinching in his desire to challenge listeners. Jack Ellis is making music that is not just meant for entertainment; his music is undoubtedly profound.

The video for “Disdained” is below. The SoundCloud audio has also been provided if that is your preferred medium. The video for “The Storm” has also been included should you wish to see the two-part story unfold.

“Disdained” will be officially available on September 23rd via District South Records.

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Video Premiere for Jack Ellis’ “Disdained”


Video for “The Storm”



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