Ultimate Painting have been releasing consistently great music since their debut self-titled LP in 2014. On Friday, their third LP, Dusk, will be released on Trouble in Mind Records. The duo got together and recorded their first LP without any intention of making Ultimate Painting a long-term thing. However, anyone who listened to Ultimate Painting or Green Lanes immediately heard the magic created by Jack Cooper (of Mazes) and James Hoare (of Veronica Falls). Good think they kept at it because Dusk is another incredible release.

It’s so easy to get lost in Dusk. The jangly guitars synonymous with Ultimate Painting’s sound populate the record quite nicely along with silky-smooth bass grooves and laid-back vocals. Ever-present is the ’70s English classic rock vibe as well. The solo at the end of the first track, “Bills”, is perfectly constructed before they refrain into the chorus. “A Portrait of Jason” is a gorgeous track as well, with a wonderful, hypnotic ending.

What Dusk gets done really well compared to similar ’70s-oriented records is that the focus is not exactly on the epic guitar-rock of the era. Things like a Wurlitzer organ take center stage on the immensely chill “Lead The Way”. This is not to say the duo don’t bring out their guitar licks, as the end of “Skippool Creek” has the perfect laid-back solo over a really, really slick bass groove. The album closer “I Can’t Run Anymore” has some really epic guitar parts as well, as distortion cuts through Ultimate Painting’s crisp and clean foundation.

Dusk is ten dreamy, laid back tracks. The guitar work, for the most part, is perfect, the production is top notch, the lyrics are relatable, and they really fire on all cylinders throughout the record. It may be a little more relaxed than their first two efforts, but the execution is perfect. With Dusk, the band have created yet another great record. Be sure to pick it up on Trouble in Mind records on September 30.

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