anna-dellariaIt seems like only yesterday when Anna Dellaria first arrived on the indie music landscape. This is somewhat true, as her debut single, “You and I”, was released in February. The song introduced the world to what a few insiders already knew – the 20-year old was a serious and immensely gifted artist.

Her powerful, soulful voice is what captures most people’s attention. While some may hear Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle, and Mariah Carey, her vocals draw strong comparisons to the Whitney Houston. The beauty of her voice and the captivating power, particularly during the euphoric arias, are akin to the late, multi-Grammy Award-winning artist.

Since releasing “You and I”, the Los Angeles-based artist has shared two other singles – the scorching R&B tune “Mama Said” and the emotional “Sudden”. The latter was premiered on the excellent music site The 405, and it was then remixed on two occasions. With these accomplishments, Anna Dellaria had formally made it.

Building on the momentum of the past 8 months, Dellaria returns today with a brand new single, “Ashamed”, which we once again have the immense fortune (and good luck) to premiere it today. Unlike “Sudden”, which was a song dedicated to true love, “Ashamed” is the opposite. It is a song about the pain that occurs in most relationships. A song about how love can blind someone despite all the indiscretions and lack of respect exhibited by her partner. As Dellaria shared:

“‘Ashamed’ illustrates the rise and fall of an unrequited love. ‘Ashamed’ is the exhale of a defeated and frustrated love too broken to deny. “

“Ashamed”, as such, is not a fairy tale, but a story lived by far too many people each and every day. With such a moving song, Dellaria has indeed arrived. Hear “Ashamed” below. Her other singles can be heard on her SoundCloud page.

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