gallery-47Four years ago, everything seemed to be crashing in on Jack Peachey, the man behind Gallery 47. He was beset by health problems and was, as he described, struggling with a “strange collapse into early-20s depression”. In addition, he and his partner had separated, further compounding his situation.

Time, however, has a funny way of balancing things out. He and his partner reconciled and were soon married. His sophomore album, 2014’s All Will Be Well (a nod to their relationship), was released to critical acclaim in the UK. A star was born, but more importantly Peachey’s life had turned around.

Peachey’s “arrival” came at a time when UK and European audiences were thirsting for young, dynamic singer-songwriters. Hozier, Passenger, and Ed Sheeran all emerged around the same time (and later shot to international fame). Peachey, however, had a distinctive style from the other three. His indie-folk approach was akin to great Swedish artists José González and Kalle Matsson (The Tallest Man on Earth) while his vocals possessed the warm, haunting quality of Thom Yorke.

Peachey is now preparing the launch of his third album, Clean. Like an old master opening a new art exposition, Peachey has revealed his latest invention in “Some Of You Don’t Get It”, which was released a month ago. Today, he shares the video to the song in this premiere that we are pleased to share.

The song represents a different Gallery 47. It still retains the intimacy of his past efforts, but the music is more expansive and much richer with an air of technicolor cinema. The melodies are more uplifting as oppose to being serene, potentially reflecting Peachey’s current situation.

The other big difference is Peachey’s songwriting. Where his last album was largely introspective, Peachey takes on a more narrative approach on “Some Of You Don’t Get It”. Although the song is told in the first person, it is grounded in observation. The track is as much a reflection of life’s simple needs (“I’m only after food and clothes, not after the world”) and the misconceptions people have on what happiness and success are. Peachey’s new sound and storytelling style is akin to the great Bob Dylan, who has made it a career for expressing society’s challenges through the lens of his many characters (and personalities).

The video, likewise, is thoughtful and expressive. It shows a man struggling with his own personal demons and trying to make sense of the world around him. To make sense of his own life. And he finds it in the simple things and in those who are with us each and every day. It’s a powerful message that we too often forget.

Watch the terrific video below. The audio for the song is also provided should you prefer to listen to it.

“Some Of You Don’t Get It” is the lead single from Gallery 47’s forthcoming, new album Clean. It arrives November 11th via AWAL / Bad Production Records.

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