kirstiin-marilyn In a world of endlessly meaningless pop ballads, it’s good to know that some musicians are still using their art to convey a message that is about more than the pain of lost love. Not that lost love isn’t worth writing about, but with so many things going on around us that seem…well…wrong, creative protest has to have its place too.

Kiirstin Marilyn is a musician who describes herself as an activist. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Kiirstin uses her surroundings as a backdrop to the video for her single, “Please Don’t Kiss Me”. The song questions whether “forbidden love” is not just an oxymoron when all we need to change the world is to have love, tolerance, understanding, and forgiveness of one another. Right now, love and tolerance seem to be a rare commodity in political rhetoric on both sides of the pond, so this is a timely message to be sending out and one which we are pleased to share.

All good stories are eternal. The video is reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet, but it’s sad to see the “forbidden love” of inter-racial relationships depicted in 2016 as it was nearly 60 years ago when West Side Story premiered on Broadway. We, humans, are slow learners. The story gives a glimpse of many faces of intolerance and, in a twist to the tale, reveals how protest itself can create prejudice.

Along with her social conscience, Kiirstin Marilyn is a solid songwriter and musician. “Please Don’t Kiss Me” builds from powerfully understated piano to complex arrangements with exquisite percussion, supporting vocals which transition effortlessly from wistful to demanding to heartfelt. Be in no doubt, this is an artist who aims to “…change the world”. The inclusion of a protest speech at 1 min, 34 seconds keeps it real and sets the video apart from a simple visual interpretation of the audio by blurring the line between art and life.

Take a look at the video below. The audio is there too, in case you prefer to listen to it.

“Please Don’t Kiss Me” is featured on Kiirstin Marilyn’s EP Ghosts, released via Spectra Music Group. Like your music live? Check out her tour dates here.

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