The Matinee October 12th has a plethora of feel good indie pop.synth pop. We have six tracks that should definitely get you moving through the middle of your week. We have the US, the UK via Australia and India (a first for us) represented today. We hope you find your new favorite track or band.


Fairchild – “Relevance” (Manchester, England via Gold Coast, Australia)

RIYL: Memoryy, New Arcades, A Modern Version of INXS


We are super excited to have another track by Fairchild to share as we are continually impressed with each new release from the brothers led band of Adam and Nathan Lyons.

With “Relevance” we have an 80s new wave influence that focus on the vocals to hold together the track. Adam’s vocals take the spotlight as the harmonies are structured with perfectly placed guitar and an explosion of driving percussion towards the end. The result is another enchanting track that we can’t help from hitting repeat. Lyrically we have a track that reminds us all that time and age changes things but just as the band is doing, we all have the opportunity to re-invent ourselves.

Adam Lyons (vocals), Nathan Lyons (keyboard), Tim Voeten (guitar), Patrick Huerto (guitar),Tommy Davies (bass), and James Alexander (drums).

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Golden Coast – “Comeback Kid” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Fickle Friends, KAPTAN, RKCB


Golden Coast are back with some super feel good synthpop that you can’t get enough of. With “Comeback Kid” we have an infectious track surrounded by shimmery and sunny beats that perfectly compliment super smooth vocals.

Lyrically we have a song that speaks to life experiences that end up in a struggle and sometimes defeat – but as the singer exclaims “you can throw your punches”…”but the comeback kid keeps coming down”.

Golden Coast is comprised of Denny White & Steven Mudd. “Comeback Kid” is the second single from their upcoming debut EP which should be released sometime in November.

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Miniature Tigers – “Dreaming” (New York City, USA)

RIYL: Mainland, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, SPEAK


New York based Miniature Tigers are back as their newest album release is fast approaching. “Dreaming” is the second single from their forthcoming album I Dreamt I Was A Cowboy due out October 28.

With “Dreaming” we have Mr Brand’s vocals surrounded by danceable beats. It’s the perfect song to spin and dedicate to your love when you are living apart. We hear a bit of a Weezer vibe in Mr Brand’s vocals which totally works for the track.

Minature Tigers are comprised of Charlie Brand, Rick Schaier, Algernon Quashie and Brandon Lee. We look forward to hearing more off the new album from the Brooklyn based quartet.

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Parekh & Singh – “Philosophize” (Kolkata, India)

RIYL: mono mono, Rhye


With Parekh & Singh, we have something we can’t quite place on this duo that draws us in. It could be the matter of fact lyrical writing style or the contemplative singing style. Whatever it is, we gravitate towards this India based duo who have secured a deal with a UK based label.

On “Philosophize”, The melody is simple and includes acoustic elements married with synth. The combination of  Mr. Parekh’s vocals and simple melody proves successful as we continue to be intrigued and interested in hearing more.

Although their band name sounds like a law office or accounting firm, we are getting a great mix of indie pop and singer-songwriter /folk fare with Parekh & Singh.

Their debut album arrives on Friday, October 14th via Peacefrog Records. The duo are Nischay Parekh on lead vocals, guitar, keyboards and synths, and Jivraj Singh on drums, drum machines, and effects.

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Sunbathers – “Sugar” (Baltimore, USA)

RIYL: Beach Tiger, New York Movie, Wylder


The Baltimore/DC based band are back with a new track titled “Sugar”. We have been impressed with the band ever since sharing their track “Intimacy” late last year.

The quintet return with “Sugar” and it’s a beautiful 4:30 of awesomeness. The vocals always impress us with Mr. Lynott’s amazing range. The melody is addicting and the mixture of synth and percussion throughout have the band poised to reach a myriad of fans who enjoy anthemic indie rock, synthpop and dream pop alike.

Sunbathers are comprised of Sean Lynott (Vocals/Synth) Peter Mindnich (Guitar/Vocals) Tim Boate (Guitar) Sean Oliver (Bass), and Shohsei Oda (Drums).

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Young Summer – “Echo” (Washington, DC)

RIYL: Avec Sans, Daya, GEMS

young-summer-echoBobbie Allen continues to blaze a trail in the female led synthpop arena. She has all the elements present to break out to a wide audience. She already has a great following on soundcloud with an average of 40k plays per track and she has the potential to break out like Daya.

With “Echo” we have Ms. Allen’s strong and commanding vocals set against the perfect brooding synth pop melody. She has everything present needed to be succesful – talented vocals and a penchant for songwriting as well.

“Echo” might be her strongest single yet. Ms. Allen shares a bit about the track:  “Echo is a “dreamy love letter to someone you will love but haven’t met yet. The feelings are so strong that you’ve painted them in your mind as if you already know them. This song speaks directly to them, wherever they are:  ‘You’re drowning in the sound / I’m coming back for you now / Can you hear my echo?'”

Young Summer’s new EP, You Would Have Loved It Here, arrives October 28th via Dead Spirit Animal.

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