affairs_band-image1_5760x3840 Manchester is a Mecca in music. Joy Division and New Order. The Smiths, Morrissey, and Johnny Marr. Oasis. The Verve. Elbow. These are just some of the names that have come from the central England city, and all are icons if not royalty in their own ways. Now who will join them?

Making a strong case for inception are Affairs. For half a decade, the quartet have been one of Manchester’s hidden gems, winning over a legion of fans with their captivating doom-pop. Think a crossover of The Smiths-esque melodies, a Joy Division-like industrial underbelly, and new wave soundscapes a la New Order. They are, in other words, a symbol of their hometown. A descendant of the great bands and artists who came before them.

Earlier this year, major media outlets across the UK started to notice Affairs. Their debut EP, Stained Gold (UK | US), was applauded by Clash Magazine and BBC Radio personalities, including Chris Hawkins, Janice Long, and Steve Lamacq. Today, Affairs take another step towards reaching the heights of their predecessors with the release of “Life Of Leisure”, which we are immensely pleased to premiere today.

“Life of Leisure” is arguably their most anthemic and complete number. Affairs have found the perfect synergy between past and present and classic versus digital approaches. It is the ideal union of new wave synths; cascading, crystalline guitars; and heart-pounding bass lines and percussion. Through this shimmering orchestration rises frontman James Robinson’s unique but remarkable vocals, which fall between Morrissey and Samuel T. Herring of Future Islands. The song is timely, as it offers an observation about those who are guided by ambition and who eventually experience its downfalls.

In crafting the song, Affairs share the following:

All of us are really proud of how “Life of Leisure” came out. Musically, we were aiming to bring an organic feel to the production, focusing on the various tones and sounds. Sometimes it can be a battle between the synthetic, electronic elements and the more traditional instruments. But with James Kenosha at the helm, we really married the two together creating something that felt natural with less emphasis on programming or computer tricks. The track itself was one which just flowed out in the writing process, and we wanted to keep this care-free vibe for the recording. Working with James in his studio, which is somewhat isolated and definitely off the grid, meant we could totally emerge ourselves in the track with no distractions.

Listen to “Life of Leisure” below. It is officially out today via the great label Fierce Panda. Purchase the single on iTunes (UK | US | CAN). An instrumental version is also included.

Affairs are James Robinson (vocals), Liam Grindell (guitar/backing vocals); Dan Parker (guitar/synth), Jack Richards (bass/bass synth), and Michael Bradnam (drums).

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