kyle-bann-slothrustIn two weeks, Slothrust – who are one of our favorite bands (like all of us) – will be releasing their new album, Everyone Else. They’ve released a handful of songs, including yesterday’s blistering “Rotten Pumpkin” (audio is above). Even though they are in the midst of a national tour and in the final stages of preparing the LP’s release, bassist Kyle Bann took the time to author a special Mundo 5 list.

Kyle chose to focus on great covers of songs by The Beatles (four by The Beatles and one by an off-shoot). There are no shortage of them, but the five he picked are classics. It doesn’t matter if you were born in the 1950s or the 2000s, you’ve likely heard a few of these songs if not all of them. We’re getting flashbacks of our childhoods just listening to these great tunes.

Oh, if you were wondering, Everyone Else will be released October 28th via Dangerbird Records. Along with Kyle Bann, Slothrust are Leah Wellbaum (vocals/songwriter/guitar) and Will Gorin (drums).

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Five Classic Covers of Songs by The Beatles

1. Aretha Franklin – “Eleanor Rigby”

I love the snappiness of this tune. Reinterpretation of the groove is tight and tasty and helps the vocal feel more like the words of the town gossip. It’s so powerful yet almost conversational. Aretha’s delivery is so natural, so spot-on, I feel like I’m a child listening in on my babysitters phone conversations again.


2. Aerosmith – “Come Together”

This sounds like a bar band. A dive bar with stale pretzels and an unidentifiable smell. At the bar stools are dads in baseball caps drinking cheap beer saying things like, “I saw Bon Jovi back in the day. Those guys could rock!”

For a bonus, check out the YouTube video of Axl Rose and Bruce Springsteen singing this song together. It’s priceless!


3. Mötley Crüe – “Helter Skelter”

Oh man that riff drops so hard!!! The intro build up “when I get back to the bottom” feels like that moment when you’re on a roller coaster going up the first big climb before you go screaming back down.


4. Ella Fitzgerald – “Hey Jude”

Some of the funkiest funk that has ever funked. From a jazz band. And her vocal interpretation is just wild. Her voice floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.


5. Guns N’ Roses – “Live and Let Die”

I know someone out there is thinking, “Well actually, that song is by Paul McCartney and Wings.” Well, I don’t care! It’s close enough for rock ‘n roll. When arguably the greatest rock ‘n roll band of all-time covers one of the greatest rock songs of all-time, it bypasses all rules and conventions. You can feel the heat of the concert pyrotechnics right through the speakers.


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