I’m sitting outside, laptop in tow, enjoying a gorgeous fall day in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. The sun is shining, the brightly colored leaves are floating down to the earth, but not before playfully floating along on the breeze. It’s one of those days where you’re just happy to be alive to experience it. The songs on The Matinee October 14th edition will make you feel equally as appreciative. So grab a blanket, pull it around you, sip your favorite drink and take a listen to these six great tracks.

Cloud Nothings – “Modern Act” (Cleveland, Ohio, USA)

RIYL: Wavves, Best Coast, Cymbals Eat Guitars


This Cleveland, Ohio writer is proud to share Cloud Nothing‘s new track “Modern Act”. A local success story, frontman and founder Dylan Baldi hopes to inspire with this lighter sound as a follow up to the heavier “Here and Nowhere Else”.

The catchy hook and lyrics reflect the sentiment of the forthcoming album “Life Without Sound”. Baldi sings, “I want a life, that’s all I need lately. I am alive, but all alone”.

Baldi shares, “Generally, it seems like my work has been about finding my place in the world. But there was a point in which I realized that you can be missing something important in your life, a part you didn’t realize you were missing until it’s there – hence the title.”

One can easily see the reflection of a life with no sound throughout “Modern Act”. He’s brought a brighter, more hopeful sound to the new album including this stand out single. This is energetic lo-fi pop that you’ll be cranking in the car.

“Life Without Sound” is due out January 27th, 2017 on Carpark Records. Add a little sound to your life and catch Cloud Nothings on their upcoming worldwide tour. Cloud Nothings are Dylan Baldi, Jayson Gerycz, TJ Duke, and Chris Brown.

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Dead Horse One – “Forget About Jesus” (Valence, France)

RIYL: Ride, My Bloody Valentine, The Telescopes, Swervedriver


The Norwegians have a word for the indescribable euphoria experienced as you begin to fall in love; forelsket. A flood of endorphins and seratonin into your system. This is the closest way I can describe the feeling I get every time I listen to anything from French shoegaze band Dead Horse One.

Their stunning track “Forget About Jesus” is the first single released from the forthcoming full length album Season of Mist due out later this month on Dead Bees Records. This sophomore LP will be the first follow up to their magnificent full length Without Love We Perish, produced by Mark Gardener of Ride.

“Forget About Jesus”, written by David Freel of Swell and produced by John Loring of Fleeting Joys, is a grand wash of sound, a full assault on all of your senses. Dead Horse One always manage to pack majesty and drama into every song and this one is no different. Almost dizzying with it’s effects, “Forget About Jesus” oozes guitar haze and indistinct percussion, exactly what amazing shoegaze is know for. Blissful round-edged vocals (no sharp corners here) transmit melodic resonance that don’t tell you WHAT to feel, they just MAKE you feel.

Dead Horse One was founded in 2011 by Olivier Debard, Luðóvík Naud, Jerome Simonian and Antoine Pinet. Expectations are high for the rest of the album, as the band is aiming to sound like a  “heavenly choir of jet engines”.

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The Japanese House – “Face Like Thunder” (London, England)

RIYL: Psychic Twin, Blondfire, Marina Hackman


Never one to worry about what people think, 21-year old Amber Bain is back and better than ever with her new song, “Face Like Thunder”, under the moniker of The Japanese House. It’s hard to imagine anything better than 2015’s debut EP Pools to Bathe In, but “Face Like Thunder” is a fantastic start to The Japanese House’s new EP, Swim Against The Tide, out November 11th by Dirty Hit Records.

The Japanese House has had to clarify in the past, that’s no vocoder, just layers and layers and layers of vocals one on top of the other. A result of experimentation that has paid off beautifully for Bain. “Face Like Thunder” is genderless and melodic and drenched in synth. A song that can best be described as experimental pop.

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Lola Colt – “Jaguar” (London, England)

RIYL:  Unlike any band at out at the moment but think a cross between an updated Ennio Morricone soundtrack and Jefferson Airplane (think White Rabbit for the music and Somebody To Love for the vocal).


Lola Colt‘s new song “Jaguar” describes that inner beast inside us all. That wild creature that comes out when we’re cornered. And much like the creature itself, the song is at times primal and at times stealthy. Listening to the opening notes one can’t help but feel the song was meant to sneak up on you, slowly slinking toward you, and then when you’re in striking distance, launching every ounce of energy into the attack. Like a Grace Slick for our generation, Gun Overbye’s vocals sing, “I think I feel his black nails crawling inside me. Oh Jaguar I’m mad. And I wanna be alone.”

This hazy, psych-tinged rock defies comparison. It’s never a bad thing to be in a class all by yourself. A musically detailed song that comes across as anything but cold and calculated. Their song “Jaguar” is a ripping tune that exalts both the pain and the pleasure as described in their lyrics.

Lola Colt are one of those bands who deserve to be bigger, and when you see them you end up cursing everyone for not knowing about them. Yet at the same time, you really want to keep them for yourself. Forgiving the pun with the song title, I guess the cat is now out of the bag.

Lola Colt are Gun Overbye, Matt Loft, Martin P. Scott, James Hurst, Sinah Blohberger, and Kitty Arabella Austen (whom, due to mutual friends, this writer has on good authority, is the nicest woman on the London scene). Lola Colt are giving the song “Jaguar” away as a free download out on Black Tigress Records. Hailed as one of London’s most exciting and captivating live bands, be sure to check them out on their tour going on now.

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Low Income Housing – “Ghosts” (Bridgewater, New Jersey, USA)

RIYL: The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys


There are few great equalizers in this world, but music is one of them. Anyone from any background can put out great music and some even say the more struggles (financial or otherwise) an artist goes through, the better the art.

Low Income Housing‘s track “Ghosts” was born of a $40 bass purchased off of Craigslist and a set of speakers, of which, most of the time only one worked. Now picture a messy basement with a microphone, an audio interface, a set of speakers, an electronic drum kit and that $40 bass. They are like many, new bands, whose dreams, ambitions, and talent outweigh their bank accounts.

In “Ghosts”, the band offer a great lo-fi, sparkly guitar pop tune with just enough fuzz in the vocals and a great guitar solo on the back end. The song articulates the Low Income Housing’s humble beginnings, as they contemplate life and its goals and where exactly does that special someone fit into all of that? Well, we can guess Low Income Housing is not letting anything get in their way of success given that their self-titled 4-song EP was the product of sheer DIY determination.

Low Income Housing is an indie rock band from Bridgewater, New Jersey formed in 2016 by childhood friends Adam Uscilowicz (Rhythm Guitar), Andreas Carollo (Lead Guitar), Brandon Velloso (Drums), Gabe Bateman (Bass), and Jacob Fishman (Vocals). After numerous failed attempts at starting a group and defining their individual sound, the band began mixing many of their influences together (indie rock, punk, ska, 80’s metal) and began writing together as Low Income Housing.

Their debut EP was released on October 11th and can be downloaded completely free at Bandcamp. Or, if enough people pay for it, maybe they can finally replace that one hinky speaker.

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RYD – “Alter” (London, England)

RIYL: Sylvan Esso, Hundred Waters 


Like the floating leaves outside my window gently riding the breeze, in “Alter”RYD manages to let each note mimic those leaves, letting them float until they land. Not only does this exhibit his extreme patience, but by doing so, gives each carefully selected note that much more importance. Letting them hang until they dissolve.

“Alter” is a gorgeous ambient-electronic tune about distorting your image to fit in. It is sparse, stretched, and delicate. RYD sings, “Alter so it doesn’t show, so you have a place to go. Alter so it doesn’t show, so you have a chance to flow.” The beautiful falsetto vocals are like snowflakes sparkling in a chill winter landscape. There is beauty layered under the blanket of simplicity.

There’s only a few tracks out there now, but RYD is poised to be a fantastic emerging artist with excellent tracks like this. You can find “Alter” on SoundCloud along with RYD’s other tracks.

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