freja-francess-photo-by-jamal-hadjkuraAs a child, Freja Frances dreamed about fronting her own rock band. She was going to be the next Debbie Harry, a younger generation’s Joan Jett, or follow in the footsteps of Gwen Stefani and Shirley Manson. Early in the process, however, Frances discovered that she had an innate ability to write emotional ballads. So instead of whipping a crowd into a frenzy like some of the great frontwomen in rock, she might have to settle for being the next Dido or Jesse Ware.

Today, the young singer-songwriter from London shares her brand new single, “Breathe”, which we are pleased to share today. The song showcases why Frances is an emerging talent – a voice that will your melt heart and a storyline that will crush your soul. It is a beautiful piece of poetry, as Frances brilliantly uses allegory to describe the experience of being entrapped.

All you ever did was teach me to drown
So I’m finding it hard to breathe for you now
Silence when the waves come
Why am I still waiting?
Why am I still trapped in this, slowly suffocating?

“Breathe” is part of a double A-side single. The other single is “Porcelain Doll”, which is also included below. The single will officially be released November 4th via ShimmerSun Music.

If you’re in the London area, Frances will be performing on October 30th at Spice of Life in SoHo.

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