Last summer, I heard whispering of a band called Heathen Sons. It was through that grapevine that I heard they were rocking the Nashville scene with acts like Two Cow Garage, American Aquarium, and the Turnpike Troubadours. In 2015, they released a killer EP, Through The Eyes of a Lion, which gave audiences a small taste of their stellar rock and roll. Since then, it has been a long year anticipating the full release. But wait no more! The self-titled album, Heathen Sons, was released on October 14th.

The Heathen Sons is twelve high-energy tracks with killer guitar riffs, outstanding vocals, great harmonies and each song is a powerhouse that will get you up singing and grooving. The album starts off with “I’m Back”.  A loud, beating drum and some catchy guitar riffs establish the mood for the next 40 minutes. You can tell from the beginning that it’s going to be a loud, energetic record, as The Heathen Sons set out to revive everyone’s faith in rock and roll.

The groovy drumming and rhythm guitar along with the counterpoint of vocals make Mess I’ve Made” one heck of a catchy song. In an anxious time when midterms are due and the dreaded winter weather is ahead of us, the Heathen Sons are there beside you “to make you feel all right…all right”.Georgia” is one of the hardest-hitting tracks, and it has an Allman Brothers slide guitar nature to it. “My pops told me rock and roll ain’t what it use to be” and a lot of “People say rock and roll is dead” but let me assure you, the Heathen Sons are proof that good rock and roll does exist!

An album this good is hard to pick favourite tracks. Listen” is a self-reflecting song that tells listeners “to listen to your heart” and follow dreams. Like all the tracks, it is catchy and full of lyrical and instrumental hooks. “4th of July” has always been a favourite of mine since the band’s EP. It is a perfect example of how they will get you standing at a show and how a song will be stuck in your head for days.  This song could be one of many arena rock anthems,

“Cause you’re a little like heartbreak
Even more like Cocaine
Its a little more than I can take
Do you really wanna let me in?”

The Heathen Sons have the ability to harness a classic-rock sound but are able to brighten it up and make it relevant in today’s culture. This is a knockout first record for a band, and it shows that they are true masters of creating timeless rock. If you are lucky enough to be near a tour date, their performance is flat out fantastic. This is a band you do not want to miss and is essential rock and roll for everyone’s music library. Crank it to 11 and enjoy!

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Heathen Sons Album

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