Assembled for this October 21st edition of The Matinee is a lovely, eclectic collection of alt-rock, dream pop, indie rock, post punk, and garage rock. It’s nice to have options. Which will you choose as your favorite? I pick all six!

Anti Pony – “Broken Dreams” (Stockholm, Sweden)

RIYL: Springtime Carnivore, La Sera, FURS


You’ve read about Anti Pony before, back when we reviewed their psych-pop tune “Under The Palm Trees”. This time with their new single “Broken Dreams”, they’re more pop than psych but equally as captivating.

Like a siren song, the dreamy vocals lull you and draw you into the rounded and resonant remainder. A slice of indie pop perfection that builds in intensity as this Swedish duo sings, “You’re in all my broken dreams. You’re the rock in my bloodstream.” Conjuring images of that one obstacle that gets stuck and messes up your flow.

This first single is a fantastic harbinger of the duo’s upcoming EP due to release early 2017 on Lazy Octopus Records.

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Escapists – “Silence” (London, England)

RIYL: The National, Arcade Fire


London’s Escapists have released a vast, cinematic tune with their latest single “Silence”. Beautifully layered, you’re immersed into Escapists’ sound, ironically, given the track name. But the song itself is a true expression of what they’re trying to convey.

The lyrics speak of how hard it is to really connect with someone, a new relationship, amidst all of the “noise” of social media and cell phone addiction. And it’s true, we can exist with someone in complete silence while there is a rush of noise all around us. They masterfully mix the song with emphasis on the word “silence” while most of the other lyrics are obscured by the lush layering of the instruments.

While it’s often difficult to stand out in the deluge of indie rock songs coming at you, it’s no surprise that “Silence” by Escapists didn’t escape our notice. You can expect to see the single released today as a AA side with “Animal”. Escapists are Simon Glancy, Oli Court, Max Perryment, and Andy Walsh.

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Daniel Land – “New York Boogie Woogie” (London, England)

RIYL: Sigur Ros, A-ha, GEMS, Travis, Dream Academy, The Railway Children, Tears for Fears (Seeds of Love era), Cocteau Twins


In the past, the name Daniel Land has always been associated with his other projects, the Engineers or The Modern Painters. Get used to hearing that name unattached because he’s just released a stunning new solo album, In Love With A Ghost, written during his 3-year hiatus / post-Modern Painter’s breakup.

The music on the first single, “New York Boogie Woogie”, is as sophisticated and classy as the city itself. Jazzy percussion starts the song and the gorgeous piano keys virtually twinkle like the glittering lights of the city that never sleeps. Dreamy, sometimes almost breathless vocals emote a passion for New York, in a way, personified as the love interest of the writer. If by three quarters of the way through the song you’re not already in love with it, a horn groove kicks in evoking images of a lone busker on the city streets.

Good music is often able to tell a story, in this case Daniel Land is so adept at his musical story-telling that you see it vividly in techno-color in your head as you listen. Daniel Land’s In Love With A Ghost LP will be available November 25th by Bandcamp and the usual online retailers.

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The Molochs – “No More Cryin'” (Los Angeles, California, USA)

RIYL: ’60s rock, The Rolling Stones, The Monkees


Where are my calf boots and mini-dress because oh man, “No More Cryin'” by The Molochs is channeling a brilliant 60’s groove. You can hear the inspiration from the great pop, folk, psych rock and British Invasion bands of that era.

This is no throw-back tune though. Not overtly retro, “No More Cryin’ is updated for 2016. This catchy song has storytelling lyrics about what else? Love, of course. And a super fun guitar solo midway through the song. I could listen to this for days in my car and still want more.

If you want to know how self-aware and dedicated The Molochs are, you only have to understand why they chose their band name. Taken from the band’s bio, “First, let’s meet Moloch. You remember him, right? The ancient god, the child eater, the demander of sacrifice, the villain in Ginsberg’s Howl (and also real life) and now the personal antagonist of singer and songwriter Lucas Fitzsimons, who named his band The Molochs because he knew he’d have to make sacrifices to get what he needed, and because he always wanted a reminder of the Ginsbergian monster he’d be fighting against.” Wow. In an age where many band bio’s try too hard to be aloof and cool, The Moloch’s bio was a fun, enlightening romp.

You can find this tune as a limited 7″ vinyl (this song was MADE for being played on a turntable) and on their new album America’s Velvet Glory available by pre-order through Innovative Leisure. The Molochs are Lucas Fitzsimons, Ryan Foster, Cameron Gartung, Derek Cowart, and Mateo Leonardo.

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Redspencer – “Rainbows” (Melbourne, Australia)

RIYL: Spoon, Real Estate


If I didn’t know better, I’d think Redspencer‘s track “Rainbows” was inspired by a coastal drive along the Pacific by way of California. And while it’s definitely coastal influenced, the Australian coast would be more accurate.

“Rainbows” contains creamy, dreamy vocals. So dreamy in fact, when the song is finished your hair will have that wind-blown look like you just stepped out of a convertible. Added to those dreamy vocals are gorgeous sunny guitar, chill drums and synth. This is a perfectly laid-back track that evokes just the right note of pastels and palm trees. Since the weather is turning and I’m heading into late fall here, that’s just fine by me.

Redspencer is Dave McMillian, Aiden McMillian, Andre Franco, and Alex Buchanan. Look for this single alongside it’s predecessor “Fuss” on their forthcoming album Perks. Perks is due for a November 18th release date but you can pre-order it here on Deaf Ambitions records.

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Soviet Soviet – “Endless Beauty” (Pesaro, Italy)

RIYL: Bloc Party, Interpol, Foals


I’m not super familiar with new music coming out of Italy, but “Endless Beauty” by Italian trio Soviet Soviet is a kick in my ass to get better acquainted.

The song is a mix of dark bass lines, bright distorted guitar, and splashy percussion only bettered by the extremely catchy and melodic vocals. One of my favorite elements is how they use the cymbal wash to full effect, letting it linger and dissolve into the reverb and distortion.

“Endless Beauty” is the first single from Soviet Soviet’s sophomore album. The album Endless will be available December 2nd through Felte (outside of Italy) but you can pre-order it here. Or, if you’re lucky enough to live in Italy, you can find it through Black Candy Records. You may want to grab an espresso and frantically catch up on Soviet Soviet’s debut LP Fate. Soviet Soviet is Alessandro Constantini (guitar), Andrea Giometti (bass/vocals) & Alessandro Ferri (drums).

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