natalie-carolan Everyone loves a good ghost story for Halloween, and what better way to deliver it than in song. Natalie Carolan‘s new single, “I Sleep”, does exactly this. The song crosses from dreamy to spooky and back again as it tells the tale of an elderly lady, not of this world, who sits at the end of the bed as you go to sleep. Don’t worry – she’s friendly and an antidote to insomnia, too, with “the soothing hands that rub my back til I sleep…”

It’s a true story, and Natalie Carolan’s dancing strings and ethereal vocal harmonies provide the ideal fantastical medium through which to convey it. With an air of faery creatures dancing through the melody, the arrangement is more engaging than its ambient description anticipates. Listen in the darkness, around an open fire and it’s sure to conjure images in the flames. We’re delighted to premiere it here today.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Natalie’s bio is sparse but the quality of her songwriting carries her into the category of one worth waiting for. Following on from singles “Time” and “She’ll Know How It Goes” (also premiered by The Revue), “I Sleep” is the title track of Natalie’s forthcoming, debut album. It will be released on November 4th. Catch the launch at Melbourne Recital Centre.

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