When thinking about musicians who brilliantly bridge the divide between music and the theatrical, names like Nick Cave, Kate Bush, David Bowie, Tom Waits, and Sarah Brightman come immediately to mind. These legends are not merely writing songs, but they are crafting imaginative stories. Fables and tales that could be placed on library shelves alongside Edgar Allan Poe, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Kurt Vonnegut. Pretty soon, the same could be said for new Irish-English band LOCKS.

Like these artists, LOCKS create vivid and spine-tingling stories set to music. The trio of Locks Geary-Griffin (vocals/guitar), Mike Byrne (double bass), and Marian McClenaghan (fiddle) share a love for writing suspense and spine-chilling ballads and songs. Murder, mythical creatures, dark family secrets, the arrival of the full blood moon. You name it, they love to write about it. On this Halloween Monday, LOCKS share the brand new single – and its accompanying video – for “Wishbone”, the first song from their debut EP, Rattle Them Bones.

“Wishbone” is the perfect introduction to the band’s self-described skeletal blues rock, which combines traditional Irish folk with dramatic blues rock (think PJ Harvey). The gripping songwriting and the dark instrumentation are enthralling, making you feel like you’re being watched as you walk through your undisturbed home, down an abandoned street, or the silence of the woods.

Hear the song and watch the creepy video below. The video is simple. It was recorded on an iPhone as Locks Geary-Griffin typed out the lyrics, yet there is an unnerving aspect to this raw video. To learn more about the idea behind this simple concept, read Ms. Geary-Griffin’s remarks, which follow the video. The SoundCloud audio is also provided should you prefer to just listen.

The London-based trio’s debut EP, Rattle Them Bones, arrives on November 21st. They also have released two other songs, which can be heard on their SoundCloud page (see below).

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The idea behind “Wishbone” video by Locks Geary-Griffin

A lot of the songs on the EP conjure up their own images and can have different meanings to different people. As this one is quite unique musically and lyrically, the simple video means that the focus is in a sense reverted back to the song itself. We wanted the music and lyrics to be the main focal point – the rhythm created by the double bass, drums and guitars juxtaposed with the eerie fiddle. The stops and the starts, the plucking, the odd feel to the whole song isn’t lost with such a simple video. You can create your own meaning from it without being guided by visuals. There’s something quite unsettling about it.

We shot on an IPhone in one take, and I was typing out the lyrics on an old typewriter my friend lent me years ago. I think it’s mine now. We must have written it about 20-30 times, as I kept going wrong. There are still a couple of mistakes in there.

We had quite a few ideas for it and tried some out….they ended up quite funny which kind of deflects from the context of the song. We were running around Mornington Crescent underground late at night trying to get a haunted creepy feel. Maybe the footage will appear at some point in the future. We had a laugh doing it, though!

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