Since their first record, Slothrust had our attention. Their blend of genres, influenced by bands like Weezer and Nirvana as well as their studies as blues and jazz students, create a unique package tied together by Leah Wellbaum’s voice.  On October 28th, Slothrust released their third record, Everyone Else on Dangerbird Records. Everyone Else builds on those first two albums and may be the band’s finest yet.

Like their first record, Slothrust start out Everyone Else with a roaring instrumental track, “Surf Goth”, which is driven by the rhythm section of bassist Kyle Bann and drummer Will Gorin. This lead into “Like a Child Hiding Behind Your Tombstone”, which may be the perfect Slothrust track. The lyrics are strange and witty, and there are freaking epic guitar hooks and solos. And it’s all driven by a swing beat, making it impossible to contain in a single genre. The same may go for “Mud”, which starts out soft, gains a huge roar, has a unique solo, before out of nowhere Bann channels some funk as the song cools off for a moment before the pace picks up immensely.

There has to be a freedom to playing with one of the best rhythm sections in rock music, and guitarist/singer Leah Wellbaum fully takes advantage of that on tracks like “Rotten Pumpkin” and “Pseudo Culture”. Wellbaum performs intricate solos and leads almost effortlessly as her voice, accentuated by harmonies on these two tracks create a really interesting and compelling dynamic.

While they can go full throttle with tracks like those, Slothrust are also masters of slow-build epics. “Horseshoe Crab” becomes this heavy, emotional number thanks to repeated lyrics that have a little extra behind them the second time around. “The Last Time I Saw My Horse” and “Sleep Eater” build up to become monsters as well. Everyone Else comes to a close with the epic “Pigpen”, which ties everything together so nicely. It is loud. It rips. It’s groovy. It gets weird, but wonderfully so.

It’s no secret that Slothrust are one of our favorite bands here at The Revue. We are not alone in that opinion, as I realized this during their soldout gig at Brooklyn’s Rough Trade. The crowd sang along to almost every word at Slothrust’s Everyone Else release show this Tuesday. Considering the album was released last Friday, the audience must have done some serious listening over the weekend. And that is easy to do with an album as replayable as Everyone Else.

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