As the colder months approach, I find myself drawn less to those summer-time pop vibes and more towards hazy, dreamy, or even rock sounds. Since November straddles that line between warm and cold, this collection of songs in the November 4th Matinee are a great representation of that cross-over. Check out some shoegaze, alternative rock, lo-fi, and punk rock.

Heavy Heart – “Teenage Witch” (London, England)

RIYL: Lush, Slowdive, Francis

Heavy Heart starts their latest single “Teenage Witch” off with a more distinguishable percussion than a typical shoegaze yet combines it with a perfectly fuzzed out guitar and gazy vocals. That kind of sums up what’s so great about how Heavy Heart blends their sound. A little bit of gaze, a little bit of indie-pop, a little something for everyone.

“Teenage Witch” is the October issue of Heavy Heart’s one song a month release, released on October 31st. We’ve covered them a few times here at The Revue as part of this project.

A relatable song somewhat comparable to today’s version of a Love Potion No.9 with a little bit of it’s goth showing. Not musically, but for sure by intent. It’s the old story of, “I love him, he loves her, I want to make him love me”, and in this case, invoking the witchy rule of three.

A perfect song for an October 31st release. We only have a few more months in 2016 so keep those gems comin’ Heavy Heart. You can find this release on Soundcloud or on the band’s Bandcamp page.

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The History of Colour TV – “Wreck” (Berlin, Germany)

RIYL: Sonic Youth, Sunny Day Real Estate, some Radiohead


You know those songs. The ones that come on, unanticipated, and immediately catch your attention? You stop everything you’re doing because you MUST know who and what this is. “Wreck” by The History of Colour TV is absolutely one of those songs. It took me all of 12 seconds to be smitten.
“Wreck” is the perfect blend of shoegaze and alt rock. And just listen to these words, “… some kind of softness to the shards, some comfort in our mutual understanding that none of this was going to end well.” Darkness drenched in beauty.
The first single from their forthcoming third LP ‘Something Like Eternity’, this song delivers a steady stream of strong but not overly aggressive vocals, guitar, and drums. But then, oh then, at around the 4 minute mark, you’re treated to a full immersion, lushly layered, wall of sound. And almost as quickly as it started, it’s over and drops back down to a beautifully isolated guitar.
If this is just the first single, we expect to hear the name The History of Colour TV a lot more in the coming months. “Wreck” will be released digitally on November 25th.  Their album ‘Something Like Eternity’ will be released in early 2017 via French label Cranes Records and the band’s own imprint Weird Books. The History of Colour TV is Jaike Stambach, Markus Mocydlarz, and Janek Sprachta.

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Keel Her – “Critter” (London, England)

RIYL: Ariel Pink, Dum Dum Girls, not the sound but the essence of Kathleen Hanna


Keel Her‘s latest single is a fuzzed out lo-fi gem of a song. Rose Keeler-Schäffeler, aka Keel Her, blends effects laden guitar and electronics with vocals that remain just out of reach on her song “Critter”. The result is a chilled out song with a tinge of something spectral and illusory.

Keel Her is known for eschewing studios and mostly staying out of the limelight. No matter, success and fans will find her. You can find “Critter” within a collection of demos as a ‘name your price’ download on Bandcamp.

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The Shrives – “Madnight” (Grantham, UK)

RIYL: The Clash, The Ramones


Fast, hard, and fun. It’s everything you expect from punk rock. The Shrives are coming in hot with their latest single “Madnight”. This band is so hot in fact, they caught the attention of Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong after being tipped off by his son Joey. Joey Armstrong also happens to play drums for the upcoming album “Back In The Morrow”, recorded at Billie Joe’s Jingletown Studios and produced by the man himself.

But lest you think this is a matter of “who you know”, The Shrives write some killer songs that definitely stand on their own merit. What band would turn down a little star power though? Reminiscent of first wave punk rock, this four piece band was dubbed one of ‘The World’s Hottest New Bands’ by Kerrang! Magazine.

“Madnight” was officially released on October 28th by 25 Hour Convenience Store. The Shrives are: Matt Grocott (Vocals/Guitar), Josh Horsfall (Guitar), Tom Shelton (Bass) and Joe Michelson (Drums).



Shy Nature – “Eyes So Cold” (London, England)

RIYL: Two Door Cinema Club, As Elephants Are


The story of love gone awry as expressed as a vocally driven catchy indie-pop song. “Eyes So Cold” is the lead single off of Shy Nature‘s forthcoming debut album.

While the music itself is upbeat and solid, it’s the catchy vocals that will keep you tuned in. Perfectly mixed with just a touch of effect, the chorus will become an earworm for sure. “What have you done? You didn’t say it but you said enough. She never wanted you to fall in love
She makes your eyes so cold.” After hearing the song, it’s impossible to write those lyrics without singing them in my head.

Shy Nature caught the eye (and ears) of NME back in 2013 with their self-titled debut EP and have been staying on the scene ever since. Shy Nature’s debut album will be released November 18th as a free download so make sure you stay up to date with them by Facebook or their subscribing to their newsletter.

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TAOTSS – “Electric Earth” (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

RIYL: Genre blurring music with a folk-punk aesthetic


I’ve heard this band described as both psych pop and experimental folk, and though they may defy genres, because it’s both of those and more, there’s just something amazing about the music being produced by The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman (TAOTSS). Especially this newest track “Electric Earth.”

Everything about this song is catchy. From the super bright psych tinged guitar melody to the trippy bass and drum beat to the folk-leaning lyrics wrought with a sense of urgency. TAOTSS is a side project of Haybaby’s Zach Ellis. What started as a desire of Zach’s to record and produce more solo work, TAOSS has morphed into a full fledged band, some members a carry over from Haybaby.

The only issue with this song is that it’s over way too soon. Clocking in at just around 2:41, “Electric Earth” and TAOTSS leave you wanting more. And I guess that’s not such a bad thing after all. “Electric Earth” was created by Zach Ellis (guitar/vocals), Dave Susman (guitar), Sam Yield (bass), and Jeremy Sampson (drums).

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