cavegreen-witches-dreamMusic is to be experienced. It is a statement that we, at The Revue, firmly believe in. Music should move us not just physically, but emotionally and psychologically as well. It should also challenge our perceptions of the world or even ourselves. This all sounds obvious, yet very few songs do all these things. Today, we are pleased to premiere one of these rare songs in “Witches Dream”, the stunning new single by Cavegreen.

“Witches Dream” is a breathtaking number that must be experienced with your eyes close. The warm, ambient production by Eleanor Murray and GianLuca Bucci are lush, immersive, and ethereal, feeling like a dream is occurring in front of us. Murray’s delicate and enchanting vocals, meanwhile, takes us to a time in our lives when we felt the freest. Where we thought everything was possible, and we could not be stopped. Maybe the song is indeed a dream because you’ll never want to escape this beautiful place Cavegreen have created.

You can watch the stunning video below, which showcases some of the Pacific Northwest’s remarkable scenery. The SoundCloud audio is also provided should that be your preferred option.

“Witches Dream” is the lead single from the Olympia, Washington-based group’s debut full-length, Vita Lucida. It arrives February 3rd, 2017 and can be pre-ordered on Bandcamp. Additional background on the band is provided below.

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Background on Cavegreen

Since 2008, Eleanor Murray has established a reputation as one of the Pacific Northwest’s finest folk artists. The Olympia, Washington resident has released five solo albums in this time, which has made her a local and regional favorite.

In 2014, Murray teamed up with GianLuca Bucci to form Cavegreen, and this new project represents a significant departure from her folk leanings. This new project combines folk, electronic, and pop. The duo released their debut EP, Journey of Return in 2015, introducing music fans in the Pacific Northwest to their mystical and even slightly sinister ambient music. Their forthcoming debut LP, Vita Lucida, is focused around our human connection to nature, and it will be available February 3rd, 2017.

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