It’s the beginning of a new week. A bit of uncertainty here in the US – so what better way to uplift your spirits than with some amazing new tunes. The Matinee November 14th includes six new tracks for your listening pleasure. We have a nice little eclectic mix which includes indie rock, retro inspired rock, electro pop and electro-acoustic. We hope you find your new favorite artist or band today. Countries represented today are The US, The UK,  Belgium and Sweden.

Elephante – “Plans” Ft. Brandyn Burnette (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: The Fray, Snow Patrol, Train


Elephante normally focuses on high energy electronic tracks with the formula of using many talented guest vocalists for each new turn. With “Plans” there is a bit of a departure from Elephante’s normal electronic production. On this mostly acoustic based track the result is a beautifully constructed sonic gem. Mr. Burnette’s heartfelt vocals remind us to stay in the moment each day because love is what happens when you make other plans.

With Mr. Burnette’s authentic emotional vocal style along with lyrics one can relate to, the result is a lovely track that has the potential to reach a multitude of fans and crossover between electronic pop and even the singer-songwriter arena.

“Plans” is part of Elephante’s most recent release I Am The Elephante.

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Eric Frisch – “The Light Ahead” (New York, USA via Toronto, Canada)

RIYL:  Foxygen, Real Estate, Two Door Cinema Club


Eric Frisch is originally from Toronto and learned the appreciation for good music at an early age thanks to his parents. “In The Morning Light” has a completely retro vibe and takes us back to the ’60s. We hear a definite influence of Beach Boys within this track and it’s relaxing and easy on the ears.

Lyrically, “In The Morning Light” is hopeful as it reminds us there is a light up ahead now and the entirety of the track just screams for us to lay back and enjoy the tune.

“In The Morning Light” is off of Mr. Frisch’s upcoming album, The Light Ahead, whose release date is still TBA.

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Gabrielle Aplin – “Miss You” (London, England)

RIYL: Dido, Ellie Goulding, Feist


Gabrielle Aplin is already well known in her home country, but she seems to be on the path to stardom in the US as well. She has a voice that completely mesmerizes so it’s no surprise to hear her new single making waves in the US.  We actually fell in love with Aplin after hearing her amazing cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” she did with Bastille a few years back and we have been keeping tabs since.

“Miss You” is a lovely synth pop track about someone you couldn’t stop thinking about. Ms. Aplin has an amazing vocal range and is a talented pianist so we hope her upcoming releases will showcase her complete talent. So far, “Miss You” is a good start.

“Miss You” is off of an upcoming EP release of the same name.

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Ms. Henrik – “Banshee” (Stockholm, Sweden)

RIYL: Friendly Fires, Oscar, Sundara Karma


“Banshee” is a super cool track from eclectic Swedish artist Ms. Henrik. We have a spacey ’80s inspired track that completely draws us in and we totally want to hear more. Ms. Henrik currently sounds like nothing else out there today which is why we are all ears.

Ms. Henrik is often described using words like eccentric and quirky, he is not just a unique vocalist, but also a memorable all-rounded performer. Passionate and focused on highlighting the ongoing LGBT issues, like one of his previous singles, “1994”, Henrik is the ideal individual for a role model that the music world can truly benefit from right now. In order to actively work on the cross-gender boundaries, he’s also released his own bright red lipstick line.

“Banshee” is from Ms. Henrik’s upcoming album release, FAKE AND COPY, which will be released this Friday.

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Paris Youth Foundation – “Losing Your Love” (Liverpool, England)

RIYL: The Bay Rays, High Tyde, The Night Cafe


Paris Youth Foundation are snapping at the heels of their musical contemporaries with all the exuberance  their name suggests, and then some. With a maturity to their songwriting coupled with a refined level of musicianship their anthemic alternative rock sound can totally take them to breakout potential.

“Losing Your Love” is completely infectious and forces one to move. We can’t help but fall in love with heartfelt vocals set against perfectly placed guitar riffs and just the right amount of driving percussion. Along with the sonic greatness of the track, we also have the lyrical content that speaks to a relationship on the brink of ending.

“Losing Your Love” is officially released December 2 via Crosstown Recordings.

Paris Youth Foundation are Kevin Potter (vocals), Tom Morris Jones (guitar), Jamie Hive (guitar), Paul Bates (bass)  and Jonny Alderton (drums).

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Pavlove – ” Because of You” (Ghent, Belgium)

RIYL: Best Coast, Daniel Land, Sad Palace


We don’t know a lot about Pavlove except they are from Belgium and they have a debut single that is awesome. “Because of You” is an amazing mix of 90s era rock with a hint of surf rock which reminds us a bit of The Beach Boys.  We also hear other influences in there – a dash of Best Coast and maybe even a bit of Feist.

Regardless of their influences, their collective sound is impressive and we look forward to hearing more. The play between the male-female vocals work well together and the harmonies are super lush. Pavlove also has a video for “Because of You” and their debut single will be included on their upcoming EP. We are keeping our eyes peeled for more from Pavlove.

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