The UK is bursting with great indie-rock bands. While many have attempted to emulate the searing sound of Wolf Alice and Black Honey, BERRIES are hammering a sound of their own. Blending ’80s rock, ’90s art-rock, ’00s alt-rock, and the attitude of the riot grrrl movement, the trio are quickly carving out a spot in the competitive London music scene. Their debut EP, Those Funny Things, will only further cement their place.

What sticks out the most is the tremendous instrumentation exhibited by Holly Carter (guitar/vocals), Lauren Cooper (bass/vocals), and Lucie Hartmann (drums/vocals). The tantalizing “Siren”, which opens the EP, pulsates with a throbbing bass line and some great guitar work. Lyrically, as well, BERRIES up their game with this clever song about reaching one’s boiling point. While “Waiting” tackles a familiar theme about unrequited love, the song is taken to another level with Carter’s clean, bluesy guitar lines combined with a smooth melody.

The fiery “Lights”, meanwhile, showcases that the trio can create a building, infectious rocker led by Hartmann’s blazing drumming. The title track, “Those Funny Things”, and “Written In Paint”, combine BERRIES’ multiple sensibilities. Both simmer on the surface as rocker but underneath is a surprisingly melodic number. This duality is, in particular, perfect on “Those Funny Things”, which speaks the multiple personalities that exist within us.

It is on “Never Smiled Once”, however, where the band reaches a different level. Radiating of the dark, haunting rock of Pat Benatar, the song is intoxicating. Cooper’s bass line is terrific, setting the tempo for Carter’s edgy and biting lyrics. “Never Smiled Once” is an example that a song does not need to be blistering or poppy to be anthemic. It also demonstrates that BERRIES’ old-school approach still has a place in music, especially when all the elements are as well-oiled as on Those Funny Things.

The EP is available now on Spotify and SoundCloud.

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