The name Fascinations Grand Chorus evokes the imagine of a large collective of talented artists with a very big sound. Part of this statement is true. The Brooklyn-based group’s music is infectious and summery, recalling the bubble-gum pop of the ’60s. But whereas it took a full band to support the likes of The Shangri-Las, The Shirelles, and Dusty Springfield, Fascinations Grand Chorus involves just Stephanie Cupo and Andrew Pace.

Their second EP of the year, Actor/Actress, builds upon their groovy self-titled, debut. And like the great bands of more than half-a-century ago, Cupo and Pace have crafted songs that are not just entertaining, fun, and hip-shaking, but the songwriting is thoughtful and has an air of the cinematic. For that matter, Actor/Actress, is like a concept record that addresses fact and fiction.

Deception is one of the themes that resonates throughout the EP.  The catchy opener, “When You Make Up Your Mind”, and the head-bobbing “Actor/Actress” speak to the telling of lies and misinformation in order for people to get what they want. Listen closely to the title track, as Fascinations Grand Chorus offer a quietly scathing critique of society and politics. And when untruths are told, someone gets hurt, which is the focus of the warm and stirring “Up To You”.

The closer, “Can’t Make Everyone Happy”, is a terrific conclusion, both musically and thematically. As the keys create the soothing atmosphere, Cupo’s sultry vocals encourage all of us to do one thing – be honest with ourselves instead of pretending to be someone else in order to appease others. Not everyone can be an Actor or Actress, but everyone can be truthful. It’s a message that we will need now more than ever.

Actor/Actress is out now. Purchase it on Bandcamp or hear it on Spotify or SoundCloud.

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