On this Thanksgiving Day, we offer a tidy 8 new songs on The Matinee November 24th edition. The mini-playlist is the perfect accompaniment for those looking for a break from eating, watching football, or being with the family or those who need some tune for the (in)digestion hours. If you don’t have the pleasure of celebrating Thanksgiving and are at work, then these new music singles will help you get through your day.


Alex the Astronaut – “Already Home” (Sydney, Australia and New York City, USA)

RIYL: Courtney Barnett, Julia Jacklin, Jack River

alex-the-astronaut-already-homeWhen we first caught wind of Alex Lynn – a.k.a. Alex the Astronaut – we said she is a star in the making. Well, we didn’t realize that this statement could apply in multiple ways. The Sydney native is currently attending uni in New York on a soccer scholarship, and over the summer she launched her own label, Minkowski Records. So if the music thing doesn’t work out, she will have an education, athletic skills, and managing her own little company to fall back on. However, we’re still betting on her becoming a music star.

Her latest single, “Already Home”, only validates this opinion. With the clever and personal storytelling akin to Courtney Barnett, Lynn offers a song about coming home after a long day and hoping to see a familiar face. But the song is much more than that. It is also a song about safe havens in a time when the unpredictable has happened and uncertainty over the future abounds. For three-and-a-half minutes, Lynn takes us to a place where everything feels all right, as her warm vocals smother us and the synth-folk melody soothes our nerves.

The song is out on Lynn’s label. Don’t be surprised if Lynn is 2017’s version of Julia Jacklin – a young, Aussie singer-songwriter who explodes.

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Courtney Marie Andrews – “Put The Fire Out” (Los Angeles via Phoenix, USA)

RIYL: Margo Price, Tift Merritt, Loretta Lynn


Two months ago, Courtney Marie Andrews‘s new album, Honest Life, was released in North America via Mama Bird Recording Co. Audiences in Europe are now getting their chance to discover one of country music’s rising stars. Alongside the likes of Margo Price, Sturgill Simpson, Tift Merritt, Hiss Golden Messenger, Andrews is among a new wave of artists who are bringing the genre back to its roots. Her latest single, “Put The Fire Out, exemplifies why the young singer-songwriter has captivated the hearts of tons of thousands of people.

For country music fans, the name Loretta Lynn immediately pops up in your head as you hear Andrews smooth, twangy delivery. And like the legend, the song has a warm intimacy, like sitting next to loved one while the fire burns in hearth. It is only a matter time before Andrews will be filling her cabinet with numerous awards and accolades.

US and Canada residents can purchase Andrews’ new album on Bandcamp. European audiences, however, will have to wait until January 20th, 2017 for its release via Loose Music.

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The Courtneys – “Silver Velvet” (Vancouver, Canada)

RIYL: Sløtface, The Hinds, Peach Kelli Pop


In the 36 years of Flying Nun‘s history, they have never signed an artist from outside New Zealand. That changed this year when Vancouver-based trio The Courtneys put their signatures on a contract with the legendary label. It is not surprising that the three Courtneys broke the trend because their infectious and quirky brand of punk-pop could be right out of Dunedin. Take their new single, “Silver Velvet”, for instance.

Bubbly, catchy, and with a touch of summer, the song is insanely fun. It is that rare track meant for all occasions. A song that will pick you up after a long day. The perfect track to include on a long road trip to nowhere. Or a song where you just need to let loose and release your anger, especially after some jerk has rear-ended you or crushed your soul.

With this song and their signing with Flying Nun, Vancouver’s little gem will soon be New Zealand’s favorite Canadian import, especially when the Courtneys’ new album, Courtneys II, is released on February 17th, 2017.

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Dooms Virginia – “Devour” (San Francisco, USA)

RIYL: Dream Wife, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Karen O


While we were late to the party in getting to know Dooms Virginia, they will never leave our radar from now on. Two months ago, the blistering “Forgetful Sam” caught our attention, and it immediately jumped into the consideration as one of our favorite songs of the year. Their newest song, though, is even harder and heavier than the first.

“Devour” is a menacing, unrelenting post-punk rocker. The drum work on the song is second-to-known while the guitars and bass wail with a controlled ferocity. Frontwoman Annie Lipetz, meanwhile, does her best imitation of a young Karen O, screaming with an intensity of a woman trying to be set free. The song is a mind-bender, so let yourself go and be devoured by this awesome number.

Dooms Virginia are Annie Lipetz, Josh Pollock, Mark Nelsen and Sonny Pearce.

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Fly My Pretties – “Mud & Stardust” (New Zealand)

RIYL: Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, India.Arie

fly-my-pretties-mud-stardustUnless you live in New Zealand, you probably have never heard of Fly My Pretties. For years, this massive collective – consisting of two to three dozen of the country’s leading artists and musicians – has time and time again sold out venues. Because of the breadth of talent, trying to describe the collective’s sound is nearly impossible. They are truly a melange of sound and texture, but there is one common element – the cinematic.

Earlier this year, they released their sixth album, String Theory, which is an enchanting experience. The one song that best exemplifies the brilliance of Fly My Pretties is “Mud & Stardust”. Merging trip-hop, R&B, cinematic indie, and post-rock, FMP have crafted an immensely sultry and intimate affair. It simultaneously feels like one is gazing deeply into the eyes of a loved one but only to be transported to the cosmos and explore unforeseen worlds. Simply dazzling.

String Theory is available via Loop Recordings. Here is the short link to the platforms to buy or stream the LP.

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Frederick the Younger – “Horoscope” (Louisville, USA)

RIYL: The Suffers, The Joy Formidable, Wolf Alice


From the city that brought us our favorite band (My Morning Jacket) comes a group that will likely quickly rise on our charts. Meet Frederick the Younger, an indie-rock band you won’t soon forget with their anthemic sound.

Their new single, “Horoscope”, is absolutely brilliant. It is part old-school rock ‘n roll, another part ’60s soul, and 100% awesome. Every element – the reverb-drenched guitars, the pulsating rhythm section, and the soaring vocals of frontwoman Jenni Cochran – is exquisite, resulting in a song that will stay in your head for hours if not days.

“Horoscope” is from Frederick the Younger’s forthcoming, debut album, which will arrive early in 2017. The LP was produced by Kevin Ratterman, the multi-talented, mad genius who performs with Twin Limb and has produced and supported Jim James and a host of other artists.

Frederick the Younger are Jenni Cochran (vocals/keys), Aaron Craker (piano/guitar/vocals), Matt Kohorst (bass/vocals), Dave Givan (drums), and Juan Barrera (guitar).

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W. H. Lung – “Inspiration!” (Manchester, England)

RIYL: CHAIKA, U2 as teenagers, Eagulls


One of our favorite bands to cover over the past two years were CHAIKA, who unexpectedly and with little fanfare called it quits. However, some of the band members have opted to continue through their new band, W. H. Lung. Whereas CHAIKA had a propensity to just blow our minds with a ferocious, alt-rock approach, W. H. Lung’s debut single, “Inspiration!”, is an engrossing, psychedelic-post-punk epic.

There are elements of really early U2, particularly in the delayed guitar sound and vocals. However, the euphoric darkness of Eagulls reverberates throughout this track, which methodically progresses and builds. The song isn’t as frenetic as CHAIKA’s songs, but there is an unquestionable delirium that arrives from the trio’s trippiness. Hopefully, we’ll get to experience this mind-warp soon – really soon.

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Yassassin – “Pretty Face” (London, England via Stockholm/Tuscany/Cambridge/Malmö/Brisbane)

RIYL: Savages, Le Butcherettes, Pussy Riot

yassassin-pretty-faceLondon quintet Yassassin have developed a reputation for writing biting, social commentary. Their last single, “Social Politics”, was a scathing critique of the rancid fear and racism that permeated British politics during the Brexit referendum. Their newest single, “Pretty Face”, is a multi-dimensional rocker. Musically, the track is a trippy, post-punk number, as the percussion and bass throb in the foreground. Lyrically, the song takes on misogynistic attitudes and violence against women. It could also be interpreted as a protest song of the outcome of the recent U.S. Presidential election. In this current environment, we need more, uncompromising bands like Yassassin.

The video for the song is available on YouTube. The band is comprised of Anna, Joanna, Moa, Raissa, and Ruth. None are London natives, but hail from different parts of the globe – Stockholm and Malmö, Sweden; Tuscany region of Italy; Cambridge, England; and Brisbane, Australia.

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