To witness 500 hundred pairs of eyes completely focused on an artist for more than an hour is a sight to behold, which is exactly what Nadia Reid did on Wednesday night at Meow in Wellington, New Zealand. The entire event exhibited Reid’s musical talent and potential, and just how far she has come in a short time. The Port Chalmers native even remarked that three years ago she performed to 15 people in the same place. Now, Wellingtonians and New Zealanders cannot get enough of her, and the rest of the world is slowly understanding why.

From NPR to Pitchfork to The Guardian, Reid has caught the attention of some of music’s biggest publications. 2017, however, promises to be the year when Reid’s brightening star reaches new magnitudes, as her sophomore album is set to arrive in the first quarter (official announcement on this coming Monday, November 28th). The performance at Meow, as such, was an opportunity for the young talent and the audience to celebrate the singer-songwriter that she once was while opening our arms to the new Nadia Reid.


Joined by guitarist Sam Taylor, her show featured mostly tracks from her debut album, Listen to Formation, Look for the Signs. The concert commenced with the intimate “Preservation” and “Runway”, which were immediate reminders of Reid’s spectacular vocals that had an air of Mary Chapin Carpenter. Other highlights included “Track of the Time”, the soaring “Seasons Change”, and the incredible “Reaching Through”, which closed the concert.

The songs that stole the evening, however, were the three singles from her forthcoming new album was then shared. Two of the songs – “Richard”, which is about a former partner, and “Arrow & The Aim – were heavier and grittier, akin to the dark folk-rock / indie-rock of Emma Ruth Rundle. Meanwhile, “Right On Time” was slightly more melancholic, which allowed Reid’s rich vocals to shine. If these three songs are just the tip of the iceberg of the new record, audiences around the world will be in for a treat. For us, we are anxiously waiting for it, and the LP will unquestionably be on our Most Highly Anticipated Albums of 2017.

Reid is finishing her final tour of New Zealand. Afterwards, she will head to Australia over the holidays to perform with her friend Darren Hanlon, who joined her and Anthonie Tonnon in March for a tour of New Zealand. Reid will return to Europe in February for a brief tour. Find the remaining New Zealand and European tour dates here. Australian dates are on Darren Hanlon’s website.

She hopes to make her North America debut in the second quarter of 2017. Here’s keeping our fingers cross that the likes of Newport Folk Festival, Ottawa CityFolk, and Pickathon pick her up.

Photos have been provided by Dan Robinson of Soul Photography and the newest addition to The Revue family. Following the photo essay is Reid’s new video for “Reaching Through”, which is well worth watching.

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Nadia Reid’s Set List at Meow in Wellington, Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

  • “Preservation”
  • “Runway”
  • “Richard”
  • “Seasons Change”
  • “Track of the Time”
  • “Holy Low”
  • “Right On Time”
  • “Reach My Destination”
  • “Arrow & The Aim”
  • “Ain’t Got You”


  • “Hanson St. Part 2”
  • “Reaching Through”




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