You don’t need to lineup to find new music on this Black Friday, as The Matinee November 25th edition will address your needs. Today, we have six new songs by artists representing Norway, Sweden, Wales, England, and the U.S.A. We kick things off with one of the indie-pop’s rising stars.


Annabel Jones x Nebbra – “Stay” (London, England)

RIYL: Chelsea Lanks, Ryn Weaver, Zella Day


We previously shared the talent of Annabel Jones earlier this year. She is back with a new track titled “Stay” and has teamed up with French producer Nebbra.

Jones has a talent of combining unique and powerful vocals set against a mix of layered synth and beats that float between EDM and synth pop. She doesn’t disappoint with her newest release.

On ‘Stay’ we have Jones’ alluring vocals set against a harder electronic background thanks to the signature sounds of Nebbra, but it totally works for the song. Lyrically we hear about a relationship that could be mostly physical yet with a desire for it to become even more.

“Stay” is out now and released via Crooked Paintings/Atlantic Records.

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The Black Watch – “Jealously” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: American Football, The Velvet Underground, The Church


With a prolific catalog of something like 17 combined LP’s and EP’s, and all of them astoundingly good, you would think The Black Watch would be a worldwide phenomenon. The saying, “it’s not the quantity but the quality” would certainly apply to the fanbase of The Black Watch, modest but wholly dedicated, which is astounding considering how amazing their music is.

“Jealously”, one of their 2016 releases slated for a forthcoming 7″ on the Eskimo Record Label, is a true capture of The Black Watch sound. Jangly guitar, storytelling lyrics, and super catchy melodies with an edge of fuzz drive this band with an honesty and authenticity not often seen in indie-pop. Frontman John Andrew Frederick also happens to be a college professor and acclaimed novelist, so you may have to grab your dictionary once or three times. That’s not to say he or his writing is something you can’t relate to. This song in particular relays a common Black Watch theme, girl problems. He’s just like us. He only uses bigger words.

You can find “Jealously” for download available on CD Baby. “Jealously” was recorded by Craig Costigan at his Santa Barbara studio near the old Pat’s Grass Shack location. It features Tyson Cornell on twelve-string, Rick Woodard drumming, Chris Rackard rocking the fuzz bass and John Andrew Fredrick on rhythm Rickenbacker. Chandler Fredrick did backing vocals and percussion.

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Cate Le Bon– “Rock Pool” (Los Angeles, USA via Carmarthenshire, Wales)

RIYL: Nico, Stereolab


If you’re a fan of Cate Le Bon‘s latest album Crab Day, you’re in luck! She’s soon releasing an EP with 4 tracks, “the killed darlings from the Crab Day sessions brought back to life”, she says.

“Rock Pool”, the title track from her forthcoming EP, Rock Pool, which will arrive January 27th, 2017 via Drag City, is a short, fun tune that teeters on the edge of swirly psych and avante garde pop fused together with Cate’s deadpan yet exotic vocals. The arrangement has a slight dissonant effect which, rather than being muddy or messy, lends itself more to alluring peculiarity.

I (Jeanette) was late to the Cate Le Bon party, not getting on board until her album Mug Museum, specifically the song “Are You With Me Now”, but have been entranced ever since. This non-formulaic sound is a welcome refresher and guaranteed to keep your ear interested. Like any really good music, can be defined just as easily as “art” as it can be “music”.

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Coucheron – “Loud” (Los Angeles, USA via Asker, Norway)

RIYL: Capital Cities, Miami Horror, Mura Masa


Coucheron is from Norway and so far has produced many A-list tracks to his credit so far and just recently a double-a side single “Loud/Puzzled”.

The electronic musician has a knack for incorporating infectious and perfectly layered rhythm with each new track released. He has proven ingenious collaborations so far with Mayer Hawthorne and Charlie Puth.

On Loud we hear an infectious beat, unique percussion layered with uplifting lyrics that remind us to stay in the moment instead of looking too far back or too far forward. It seems when we realize what we have and live in the moment, that is when love can truly manifest.

“Loud/Puzzled” is out now and released via Tooth Fairy.

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The Extons – “I Won’t Leave Lonely” (Norfolk, England)

RIYL: The Strokes, Jet, Ron Gallo


From the late ’90s to the early ’00s, a wave of rock ‘n roll bands arrived on the scene. They added provided the perfect balance between the grunge music and the boy bands of the decade. The music, though, was simultaneously edgy and anthemic, leading to a rebirth of the genre. Such bands are now becoming scarce commodities, but The Extons might be the start of a new generation.

Last month, the English newcomers released their debut single, “I Won’t Leave Lonely”, which is cut from the same cloth as The Strokes and Jet. Whirling guitars, a mind-warp of a bass line, crushing drum work, and a wildly infectious melody all lead to a song that is outrageously fun. Frontman Will Barnes’ vocals also have an air of Julian Casablancas, and the songwriting, too, has the biting nature of Casablancas’ former band. Here’s a band worth watching in the new year.

The Extons are Will Barnes, Adam Garwood, Ciarán Liam, and Peter Catlin.

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Ocean – “Luxus” (Gothenburg, Sweden)

RIYL: Slowdive, Lush, Portishead

ocean-luxusFridays, especially following a holiday, are meant to unwind. While many will reach for their favorite social beverage, we opt for music that will soothe our bodies, minds, and soul. The perfect elixir is the music of Gothenburg newcomers Ocean. The quartet recently their debut EP and from it is “Luxus”, which is the perfect marriage of dream-pop and post-rock.

Like their name, the song is like the sea. It starts off calm and gentle, lulling us into a state of relaxation as sisters Ida and Emma Ahlsén’s lush vocals glide effortlessly in the air. But as the song builds, the waters stir and grow a little bit more menacing. It’s not a full-blown hurricane that arrives, but rather the oncoming tide that leads us to our new destination. So close your eyes and allow Ocean to guide you to your sonic utopia.

Ocean are Ida Ahlsén (vocals/guitar), Emma Ahlsén (vocals/guitar), Rasmus Loberg (drummer), and Christoffer Fager (bass). Two other songs from their debut EP can be heard on their SoundCloud page.

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