We’re heading down the home stretch of 2016, which means there are only a handful of Showcases left. On the 46th edition of the Weekend Showcase, forty-nine (49) songs are featured. As is always the case, the music features artists who represent a bevy of countries. Specifically, 12 flags are being waved today, including: Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Iceland, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, the United States, and Wales.

The playlist and tracklisting, as usual, follows the list of articles from the past week.

Enjoy the great music and discover music’s hidden gems.




  • The Matinee November 22nd – Cuesta Loeb, Cut Off Your Hands, Gutxi Bibang, Henry Green, Keiandra, Menace Beach, Michelles, MIMRA, Patchwork Guilt
  • Melodic Tonic ’16, vol. 43 – Citizen of the World, John Wesley Coleman III, Patrick Joseph, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Zeb Zaitz
  • The Matinee November 24th – Alex the Astronaut, Courtney Marie Andrews, The Courtneys, Dooms Virginia, Fly My Pretties, Frederick the Younger, W. H. Lung, Yassassin
  • Saturday Sampler November 26th – Avalon Emerson, Bread & Butter, Hooton Tennis Club, MarthaGunn, Polyester, The Proper Ornaments, Satellite Mode, Skin & Bones, Spencer Arbuckle, Sugarmen




Weekend Showcase 2.46 Tracklisting

  • Polyester – “Lucky Me” (Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Cate Le Bon– “Rock Pool” (Los Angeles, USA via Carmarthenshire, Wales)
  • W. H. Lung – “Inspiration!” (Manchester, England)
  • ILUKA – “Blue Jean Baby” (Sydney, Australia)
  • MarthaGunn – “Honest” (Brighton, England)
  • MIMRA – “Söngur Valkyrjunnar” (Reykjavík, Iceland & London, England)
  • RKCB – “Enough” (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Nadia Reid – “Reaching Through” (Port Chamlers, New Zealand)
  • The Extons – “I Won’t Leave Lonely” (Norfolk, England)
  • Zeb Zaitz – “Chasing Shadows” (San Luis Obispo, CA, USA)
  • Sugarmen – “Nothing But Respect (demo)” (Liverpool, England)
  • Ocean – “Luxus” (Gothenburg, Sweden)
  • Avalon Emerson – “Natural Impasse” (Berlin, Germany via San Francisco, USA)
  • MADEIRA – “Oracle Horoscope” (Auckland/Christchurch, New Zealand)
  • Coucheron – “Loud” (Los Angeles, USA via Asker, Norway)
  • The Dig – “Bleeding Heart (You Are The One)” (New York, USA)
  • Stalgia – “BDY” (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Gutxi Bibang – “System of a Gun” (London, England via Bilbao, Spain)
  • Yassassin – “Pretty Face” (London, England via Stockholm/Tuscany/Cambridge/Malmö/Brisbane)
  • Cuesta Loeb – “Charlotte Hill” (Los Angeles via New York City, USA)
  • FAIRCHILD – “Start Again” (Manchester, England via Gold Coast, Australia)
  • Michelles – “All Is Forgiven” (Chicago, USA)
  • Skin & Bones – “Wait No More” (Venice Beach, CA, USA)
  • Keiandra – “Milk Tooth” (Newcastle, England)
  • BERRIES – “Never Smiled Once” (London, England)

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