The Matinee November 28th will hopefully get your Cyber Monday started off right while you score some cool internet deals before the holiday season takes hold. We have a mix of indie rock, 90s inspired rock, luscious dream pop and a bit of electro-pop for good measure. We inadvertently have an overseas playlist with Australia and the UK dominating today. We hope you find your new favorite song or artist today.


Bad Family – “My Body Pines” (Brighton, England)

RIYL: Arctic Monkeys, The Crookes, The Kooks


We have a new song from Bad Family who hail from the UK. The band is comprised of musical friends from the south coast. Bad Family so far has perfected serious lyrically matters that cover addition, heartbreak and lust all the while framing it within an upbeat and anthemic indie rock composition.

With “My Body Pines”, a clip from the 1970s movie Network is included, which could completely become fitting for today’s world. The track starts off with a somber tone heavy on percussion and lyrically covers a relationship that begs for more and covers life’s realities of death and disappointment. The paradox here is that we want to get up in dance, yet also contemplate our own life’s choices.

“My Body Pines” is the final track to their debut EP, EP1, which was released via Century City Records last week.

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LEØ – “Ghost” (Brisbane, Australia)

RIYL: Portishead, New Pharoahs, Elohim

leo-ghostLEØ hails from Australia, and they are creating amazingly dreamy indie-electro pop that we can’t get enough of. The stellar vocals of Chloe Pilkington take center stage and are set against fairly subtle beats compared to their last few releases. “Ghost” lyrically covers the reflections of a rocky relationship that has ended once again.

LEØ shares a bit about the track: “Ghost’ draws emotion from two points of views, grasping your attention from whatever way you look at it. Ghost was the last track recorded for our debut EP and from an instrumental point of view it’s quite subtle when played or compared to the other tracks. We really allowed the vocals and the story to be quite present and focal.”

Chloe Pilkington, Callum MacDonald, and Joshua Black. “Ghost” is from their forthcoming EP titled Young.

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Llovers – “Borderlands” (North East of England)

RIYL: City Calm Down, JAWS, Peace


Llovers released “Borderlands” last week and our attention is totally piqued, as it’s their debut track and it’s amazing.

Llovers has the perfect mix of shoegaze/dream pop and with “Borderlands” they create completely feel good vibes that can take you back to remembering a warm sunny day. Even though summer is long gone, we can still spin this track and instantly feel warmth within the 4:15 run.

We are really excited to hear more from Llovers as they bring the type of excitement we hear from other UK shoegaze friendly bands like JAWS and Peace.

Llovers are Jack Brooks, David Macnab, Matty Jenkinson, and Joe Connor.

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The Night Café – “You Change With The Seasons” (Liverpool, England)

RIYL: Delamere, Sundara Karma, Viola Beach


The Night Café are back with another dreamy indie rock track titled, “You Change With The Seasons”.

We have been following the quartet ever since they released the very catchy “Addicted” last year. “You Change With The Seasons” is another dreamy, jangly guitar filled track that has us longing for warmer, sunnier days.

Lyrically, the track speaks to relationships that can be unpredictable and also a bit rocky. The band is comprised of Carl, Arran, Josh and Sean and we look forward to hearing more from the quartet soon.

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Seeing Hands – “It’s True” (Newcastle Upon Tyne, England)

RIYL: Real Estate, Beach Fossils, Washed Out


Seeing Hands are back with another track and we proclaimed earlier this year they have the perfect mix of shoegaze and dream pop that we can’t get enough of it.

With “It’s True”, the song has perfectly placed guitars set against dreamy vocals and laid back vibes that instantly lighten our mood. Lyrically the fare seems a bit heavier as the subject matter could be about the ending of a relationship with the singer proclaiming “You’ve found your way too soon, oh man, do I miss you and I don’t believe it’s true”.  With “It’s True” only being their second single we are undoubtedly impressed and look forward to more from Seeing Hands.

Seeing Hands are Kev Curran (vocals/guitar), Nick Hodgson (lead guitar), Jon Varty (bass), and Liam Guillan (drums)

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Uma & The Wandering Stars – “I Don’t Know” (London, England)

RIYL:  Alanis Morissette, Kate Bush, Tori Amos


Uma & The Wandering Stars have broken out onto the scene with “I Don’t Know”. The track has the perfect mix of beautiful female led vocals and 90s era rock. Uma Starets has us hooked from the first “I Don’t Know” sung and we are completely intrigued to hear more.

Our only gripe is we could use more than 2:57. At least we have more singles to look forward to. Uma’s vocals are super exciting and remind us of a strong attitude exuding forth similar to Alanis Morissette. Uma & The Wandering Stars have made an impression on us and we look forward to future releases.

“I Don’t Know” is from their forthcoming debut EP titled Trapped.

Uma & The Wandering Stars are Uma Starets (vocals), Diego Perez Guillermo (bass), Itamar Starets (guitar), and Pav Stanev (drums).

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