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When music comes out of Nashville, you’d expect country. When an artist comes from Los Angeles, you’d expect indie-rock with a polished edge. Taylor Noelle brings a blend of both, which is hardly surprising since she moved from her native Los Angeles to Nashville to make her music. Out Of My System, Taylor Noelle’s debut EP, reveals a singer-songwriter with personality-packed vocals and a talent for penning a catchy tune. With four tracks offering four different musical styles, there’s something for everyone.

Opening track, “Too Good”, lays out Taylor Noelle’s country credentials. A hop-skip of a tune, cheery and cheeky, provides the space where Taylor’s lyrics dance. But listen closer – this girl is not to be messed with. Ranging from pop-sweet to raging rebuke – “thank you kindly for the waste of time that I’ve spent, I really hope we don’t stay friends” – this is a no-nonsense break-up song. Listen for the guitar break at the three-quarter mark for the promise of a future rock-chick.

If you like your ballads soft and folky, “I Fall” will float your boat. Starting with a stripped-back, acoustic guitar that slowly builds but then flows back to an acoustic finale, the track is held together perfectly by Taylor’s controlled vocals. This song about unrequited love will sing to the heart of anyone trapped in the moment of reaching out or walking away.

“Won’t Waste My Time” brings the party with a sassy Latin vibe. Taylor shimmies through salsa, then – just as we’re up there with her – drops the mood into rumba soul-full of regret. Not one to stay down for long, the track finishes with a totally-over-you flourish. As she states, she is “sick of living on lies waiting for you tomorrow”.

Closing the collection, “Covers Me” reasserts the guitar break to deliver on Taylor’s rock-chick promise. There’s nothing too full-on – the track is definitely on the pop-folk end of the rock spectrum – but there’s a tantalizing glimpse of Taylor’s edgier side. Perhaps this is something to look forward to in future releases.

Whilst Out Of My System is a brilliant showcase for Taylor Noelle’s versatility, it is also deeply personal. As the title says, these are songs that she needed to get out of her system and into the world. Taylor explains: “My vision is that there are people out there who can hear these songs about my pain and my joy and connect them to their own lives. I use songwriting to process my feelings, and I hope that my songs can help other people to do the same.”

Out Of My System is out now. The official EP launch will take place December 4th at The End in Nashville. Grab your copy here. Expect Taylor in London next spring.

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