The National Arts Centre curates a unique program entitled NAC Presents, which is a series aimed at highlighting the depth of talent that can be found among Canadian artists. As part of this season’s lineup, 2016 Polaris Music Prize nominee Andy Shauf visited the NAC Studio on December 8th.

With a trio of adept accompanying musicians, Shauf could be dimly seen in the darkness cast in a red or blue hue. The lack of light muted the extraneous and let the audience find their focus to his storytelling, the words woven in the ambiance the arrangements created. The set heavily featured songs from his current release The Party, intermingled with a handful of songs from his earlier release, The Bearer of Bad News, including a very potent performance of “Wendell Walker” to close out the evening. In between, the unassuming Shauf answered a few questions as called out from the audience, injecting a little bit of levity in the otherwise attentive hush of the room.

The night opened with LA-hailing Chris Cohen. A very gracious Cohen easily engaged those in the theatre during his first visit to the NAC. He recently released his sophomore album, As If Apart, several years following 2012’s Overgrown Path. His performance was particularly complimentary to the enjoyment of the evening.

Tour dates in Canada have come to a close but both US and overseas shows are slated for Spring of 2017. It’s a must-see for sure!

Follow Andy Shauf at: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Follow Chris Cohen at: Website | Facebook

Andy Shauf
Andy Shauf
Chris Cohen
Chris Cohen
Chris Cohen


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