What happens when two of Los Angeles’ great, under-the-radar bands get together on a project? The answer obviously is something spectacular. Alone, Dear Boy and Pr0files have established significant online followings (ignore Facebook likes and focus on the number of Spotify and SoundCloud plays) thanks to their personal and often creative takes on the genres they occupy. Last year, both Dear Boy’s Parts of a Flower EP channeled ’90s-era Brit-pop, offering smooth melodies and infectious lyrics. Pr0files, meanwhile, indulge in elegant, breathtaking synth-pop, and their debut EP, Jurassic Technologies, was full of moments that required an “ooh” followed by a “wow”.

This summation perfectly describes Pr0files’ rework of Dear Boy’s “Alluria”, which we are pleased to premiere today. The original song was already a crowd-pleaser with its anthemic and infectious melody. But as Lauren Pardini and Danny Sternbaum have shown with their previous renditions, they’re not merely satisfied with remixing a song – they need to give it a new identity. Their rework of “Alluria”, as such, belongs in a different dimension, where time ceases to exist and beauty is transcendent. To a place where “Alluria” is synonymous with breathtaking, dazzling, and cathartic.

Hear the rework and the original below and choose which version you prefer.

Dear Boy are Ben Grey (lead vocals/guitar), Keith Cooper (drums/vocals), Austin Hayman (guitar/vocals), and Nils Bue (bass/vocals). Recently, they were identified by Buzzbands.LA as one of Los Angeles’ bands to watch in 2017. Follow them at:
Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Pr0files are Lauren Pardini and Danny Sternbaum. Follow them at:
Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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