We don’t do this often, but when a seminal band like Slowdive returns after a 22-year hiatus, we have to give them plenty of love. “Star Roving” is their first song since 1995, and it is unbelievably good. The lush vocals, the dramatic build, and the mind-blowing, cosmic shoegaze we have loved for years have all returned. It’s as if the living legends never left. Instead, they sound just like they did back in ’80s and ’90s at the height of their craft.

No word on when a new album will be arriving, but we do know they have been working on new material and Dead Oceans will be releasing it. In the meantime, enjoy this wonderful song, which can be purchased on Bandcamp right now. The audio and video are below. Thank you Neil Halstead, Christian Savill, Nick Chaplin, Rachel Goswell, and Simon Scott for this wonderful gift!

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