It’s always a curious exercise to hear a song that is near perfection be remixed. The experiment usually ends in a product that falls short. Today, though, is not one of those days.

Late in 2016, indie-folk newcomers TAMMY released the sensational and sensual “Away For The Weekend”. The song was Nick Cave set to minimalist arrangements – dark and gripping, offering an approach more applicable to a ghost town than a vibrant country municipality. But the dual harmonies of founding members Brooke and Aaron offer a glimmer of optimism, particularly Brooke’s lush vocals. As the duo explains about the song:

“Away” is one of the first songs we ever played together. When we would play it at shows, we’d always say we were playing our future hit single… In the Tammy repertoire, we break most of our songs down into the categories of love songs, hate songs, and songs about making out. This one, written before we conceived of those designations, doesn’t fit so neatly into any one of them. The subject is in love, but it’s a hopeless kind of love. In the end, we don’t get the feeling that it’s come to fruition.”

This struggle to find and experience love is heightened on the new version of the song, which has been remixed by another newcomer, producer Ester. We have the pleasure of sharing her vision of the song in this premiere.

Whereas TAMMY’s version was stark, the remix is hypnotic and even breathtaking. The gripping drama of the original, however, is retained, where the sense of loss and loneliness still permeates in the track. But instead of a gallop through a ghost town, the journey is through an enchanted forest. The care and detail that Ester has applied reveals the song’s impact on her. As she shares about the song:

I’ve loved “Away for the Weekend” since I first heard TAMMY play it live as a duo at Pete’s Candy Store. It has stuck with me over the years since, re-entering my consciousness each time I would see them play it. And when I got the opportunity to remix one of their songs, I jumped at it. Such a beautiful, haunting melody and lyrics.”

Take a listen to the remix and the original below. Decide for yourself which one you prefer. In addition, read more about how TAMMY formed, which wasn’t that long ago.

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Background on TAMMY:

Two people, one name and a wholly captivating style is the simplest way to describe the breakthrough indie-folk duo, TAMMY. Members Aaron and Brooke, who met for the first time at a New York bar called Ioana, possess the kind of undeniable chemistry that brings to mind some of the most beloved American folk duos, like Simon & Garfunkel and Dylan and Baez. Aaron’s bouncy acoustic riffs provide the perfect backdrop for Brooke’s sweet yet sultry, honey-soaked vocals, giving TAMMY its truly original and unforgettable sound.

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