The Matinee January 23rd includes six new tracks for your listening pleasure. We hope the eclectic choice today brightens up your Monday. We have a mix of indie rock, post-punk rock, electro-pop, punk inspired rock, and country/Americana. Countries represented today include the US, UK, and Sweden.

Dead Seem Old – “This Mess Won’t Make Itself” (London, England)

RIYL: Dead Seem Old

Dead Seem Old impressed us back in 2014 with their “They Won’t Find Us” single. Dead Seem Old’s style of perfectly placed acoustic guitar pop reels us in after first listen. We hear something fresh and new with Dead Seem Old yet also a hint of a historic Latin flair that keeps Mr. Wicks’ style unique and progressive.

“This Mess Won’t Make Itself” includes his signature acoustic guitar, this time accompanied with horns and a beat that you could envision folks dancing a samba. The new track is compelling and has a cool animated video you can check out here.

The single officially drops January 30th via Vourliotes Recordings. Dead Seem Old are songwriter Thom Wicks and producer Javier Weyler.

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Emmecosta – “His Power of Youth” (Gothenburg, Sweden)

RIYL: Belgrave,  Brolin, Men I Trust

Emmecosta have been coined as going for “post-club tropical indie soul,” yet we are just calling them compelling indie-electro pop. Emmecosta received lots of indie blog love with their debut EP, Untied.

With “His Power of Youth” we are impressed by the smooth and atmospheric layers we hear intertwined with R&B-inspired vocals.  The single was released late last year, but they have a brand new video for the track which prompted us to share “His Power of Youth”.

The single is out now via ICEA (Icons Creating Evil Art). Emmecosta will be releasing a new EP soon, taken from the inspiration they received when modeling for Christian Correnti’s new Bowtie last year.

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Hayes Peebles – “Home” (Brooklyn, USA)

RIYL: Marlon Williams, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Justin Townes Earle

Hayes Peebles is creating some pretty amazing feels with his style of hybrid country and Americana. “Home” is a great track chronicling his love for touring and the road, even though that path often leaves him solo in the love department as his actual “Home” is on the road. Mr. Peebles has welcoming vocals and a style similar to Justin Townes Earle that completely holds our attention.

“Home” is the follow-up to his debut single, “Ghosts,” which is also the title of his forthcoming debut EP. Even though Mr. Peebles is just shy of 25 years old, he is crafting his own style and so far seems like he will be firmly making a mark on the alt-country/Americana scene next month with his debut release.

Hayes Peebles’ Ghosts EP is due out February 2017.

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Mt. Joy – “Sheep” (Philadelphia & Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Ryley Walker, Big Smoke, Kidsmoke

We randomly stumbled upon Mt. Joy last year when we by shared “Astrovan,” and we are super glad we did. We now have “Sheep,” another thought-provoking track that speaks to the turmoil within our country over the last few years. This one specifically addresses the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore.

Their laid-back, retro style makes it easy to fall in love with their sound. When you realize there is a deep purpose to the lyrics, it becomes even easier. Mt. Joy is tackling social issues without being too intrusive. The end message seems to be love will always win out over hate. So let’s all take this lyric to heart and see if we can become united in this country: “you cut it up, you cut it up and it’s still the red white and the blues…”

Mt. Joy are Matt Quinn and Sam Cooper. We are patiently awaiting their debut EP.

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Shiny Wet Machine – “Hospitals” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Bikini Kill, Paramore, Girlpool

Shiny Wet Machine have come to re-ignite the ’90s female led punk bands that we all wish were still around. We are sharing the second single from Shiny Wet Machine titled “Hospitals.

This song encompasses youthful angst where nothing mattered except who you spent your time with. It reminds of dealing with those relationships where you felt that person was the only one who truly understood you. The song begins with “And I got a question, do you wanna kill time in aisle 3 with frozen food?” and later on, “We’ll live on soda pop and grease” as she dreams about a future and the American dream in this new relationship. There is no shortage of awesome punk vibes throughout this short and sweet track. We are quite sure the live experience would be quite worth it.

Shiny Wet Machine is the project of Sizzy Rocket and Alex Fitts (The Kickdrums). We are sure we will be hearing more from Shiny Wet Machine later this year.

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The Tigerlilies – “Shipwrecked” (Cincinnati, USA)

RIYL: Pixies, The Pogues, Buzzcocks

The Tigerlilies have been creating awesome punk inspired tunes for a while. They saw success from their 123456 EP release last year. They now have their follow up which will be a 7″ single release of “Lovers Du”/”Shipwrecked” via Sir Gregory Records. “Shipwrecked” gets you moving with high energy punk that features some killer screaming guitars throughout and chronicles the singer being completely lost and “Shipwrecked” yet the “band played on.”

Both sides of the 7” deal with the ephemeral nature of love and life, often capturing such weighty subjects through the lens of pop culture. Singer Pat Hennessy shares about the new release: “These things are important to us because they represent a shared human experience. Hearing them reflected in song can bring people together, make them feel uplifted, reflective and just better.”

The Tigerlilies are brothers Pat (vocals, guitar) and Steve (vocals, drums) Hennessy, Brian Driscoll (bass) and Brendan Bogosian (lead guitar).

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