We don’t often post individual songs nor relating to mega-bands, but when a legendary group like Blondie returns we have to give them some love. OK, this isn’t quite the same as Slowdive returning since Blondie did release an album in 2014, and this time around they’ve lined up a number of contemporary pop heavyweights to help them out. Sia, Dev Hynes and Charli XCX are some of the songwriting collaborators while The Smith’s Johnny Marr and The Strokes’ Nick Valensi reportedly will make appearances on Pollinator (May 5th release date).

The lead single from the album is “Fun”, which is, well, really fun, groovy, and made for a night out. David Sitek, who is better known for his work with TV on the Radio and Maximum Balloon, wrote the track, and the song has his fingerprints all over it with the synth flourishes and the pounding rhythms. Sitek also does a masterful job at making this disco-pop tune border between the ’70s and today’s anthemic pop numbers. This song should be a hit, making Blondie once again a favorite of dance halls around the globe.

Video and SoundCloud (Go) links are provided below.

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