The Matinee February 6th includes 6 new tracks for your listening pleasure. We have an eclectic mix of indie rock, singer songwriter and one cover song that we couldn’t help but share. We have artists representing The US, The UK and Canada today.

Chances – “Shine” (Montreal, Canada)

RIYL: Aurora, Farao, Gothic Tropic

CHANCES just released their debut track, “Shine”, and we are pretty impressed. We hear impressive vocals, an almost tribal like percussion and an enchanting cadence. The Ojibwe lyrics over Indian raga in the choruses bring a completely cool world vibe to the track.

CHANCES also meld together an ample amount of synth within their wold tempo and along with a spiritual vibe that you can feel throughout the song. It’s an eclectic mix that has us really intrigued to hear more. If this is their debut effort, we can only imagine what is yet to come from CHANCES.

CHANCES are Chloé Lacasse, Geneviève Toupin (both singer songwriters and pianists) along with drummer Vincent Carré.

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Leah Nobel – “Strawberry Fields” (Nashville, USA)

RIYL: Cloves, Woodes, Bitter’s Kiss

“Strawberry Fields” is the newest track from Nashville-based singer/songwriter Leah Nobel. The storytelling within this track impressed us and the more we learned, the more we liked. The song is actually a part of Nobel’s Running in Borrowed Shoes project. The song is written from the perspective of two people Leah interviewed:

“Strawberry Fields” is inspired by the stories of two senior citizens – one 74 and the other 85 – that I interviewed about what it felt like to live in the South during the Civil Rights Movement. One senior worked in agriculture and often spent days in the fields picking cotton and strawberries. He would pick the workers up in the morning in his truck and no one would really talk to each other. But once they were in the fields, everybody would start singing together.- popular songs from the sixties that everyone knew. He remembers this moment being very special and unifying and a bright light during a time when racial tension was heavy. The chorus is from his perspective. The other verses chronicle a woman who was actually Rosa Park’s roommate later in life and speaks to the equality finally deserved once the buses were desegregated.

Miss Nobel has a unique and enchanting voice and is writing about life experiences that matter. We are intrigued to hear the rest of the songs that will fill up her upcoming Running in Borrowed Shoes record.

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Meadowlark – “About You Now” (Bristol, England)

RIYL: EXES, Poema, Kaptan

With the talented vocals of Kate McGill and slick production of Daniel Broadley, we can’t seem to get enough of each new track Meadowlark have released thus far. This statement is now also true with their surprising cover of the Sugababes’ “About You Now.”

They have taken an original, super poppy dance track and stripped it back with sublime vocals and subtle acoustics. Towards the end we have an ethereal version that continues to take our breath away.

“About You Now” is included on the upcoming EP, Nocturnes, which will be released March 10th.

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Salt Petal – “Telephone” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Caveman, The Dandy Warhols, Stereopol

Los Angeles-based collective Salt Petal is invigorating audiences and critics alike with a tropical surf-dance sound in a category all its own. A cross-border combination of Argentinian folk, Brazilian tropicalia, cumbia and up-tempo surf rock blurs ethnic and musical boundaries.

With “Telephone” we get a super infectious track that we really want to dance to. There are ’60s psych elements in this track along with a tropical surf vibe. The vocals are stellar and this track can definitely be added to any feel good playlist.

“Telephone” is off of their forthcoming album Rare Hearts which will be released April 28 worldwide.

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Siamese – “Chromatose” (Dallas, USA)

RIYL: Kate Bush, Bat for Lashes, late PJ Harvey,

“Chromatose” is the debut track from Dallas-based band Siamese. Siamese materialized in 2015 as a means to intersect music, performance, and visual art. “Chromatose” is inspired by the Truffaut film Bed & Board. Nicole Marxen-Myers shares a bit about the track: “There’s a neighbor character in the film that everyone deems a murderer,” Nicole Marxen-Myers explains. “He turns out to be a television star, and the main characters are quick to retract their impressions of him, swapping them for praise. That idea inspired a juxtaposition between whimsy and horror for the song. It’s fun, but there’s something unsettling about it.”

We are intrigued by “Chromatose” as it has a throwback elements which scream ’60s influences yet it still feels fresh for today. Ms. Marxen-Myers reels us in and we instantly want to hear more. Siamese are set to start a spring tour in March including at stop at SXSW.

Siamese are Paul Alonzo (bass), Paul Grass (drums), Nicole Marxen-Myers (keys, vocals) and Teddy Georgia Waggy (guitar, vocals).

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SPACEFACE – “Sun Kids” (Memphis, USA)

RIYL: POND, Temples, Morgan Delt

“Sun Kids” is the title track to SPACEFACE‘s upcoming debut album which is due this spring. We shared “Cowboy Lightning” last month which was the first single from their upcoming album.

SPACEFACE so far are bringing some ethereal dream pop into their psychedelic undertones and it makes for some amazing feels. “Sun Kids” has us wishing for warmer weather so we could enjoy this track outdoors on a sunny day or driving to our favorite outdoor destination.

Spaceface are Matthew Strong, Jake Ingalls, Eric Martin, Victor Quin “Caveman” Hill, Peter Armstrong, and “Big Red” Daniel Quinlan.

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