Five months ago, sound engineer Simeon Pappinen Hillert quietly announced the arrival of Denver, Colorado, his first endeavor into the competitive music industry. With the assistance of Elin-Louise Ahlberg (backing vocals) and Claes Fredholm (drums), Hillert delivered his debut single, “Eternal Love // Unusual Fog.” The song was a four-minute, multi-faceted gem that absolutely dazzled us. It has taken a bit of time, but Denver, Colorado today reveals his second single, which we are pleased to premiere today.

“Trams of Gothenburg” is another stellar song. Similar to his first single, Hillert takes us on another late-night escapade. The subtle production work, the pulsating rhythms, and the echo of the trumpet (provided by Oskar Stenmark) create an image of Gothenburg shrouded in fog. While most stay home, two lonely figures can be seen. The dueling vocals of Hillert and Emma Lindstrom are the dance between the couple with one asking for a second chance and the other uncertain of what to do. The song is beautifully enchanting, yet it is startlingly real and heartbreaking.

“Trams of Gothenburg” is the second single from Denver, Colorado’s forthcoming, debut EP. It will arrive later in 2017. Follow Hillert’s project at:
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