Every country has a shining gem that is awaiting to be discovered by the rest of the world. An artist with immense gifts who goes unseen for years. But when you hear her for the first time, you are left asking, “How has she remain hidden all this time?”

Leslie Clio is one such artist. Her catchy folk-pop and pop anthems, her powerhouse vocals, and her first two albums, Gladys and Eureka, made her a star in Germany. She garnered opening slots on tours by Phoenix, Keane, and Joss Stone. In 2014, she was nominated for an Echo Music Prize (annual German awards given for outstanding musical achievement) in the category of Best Female Artist National. And she accomplished all this in her mid-twenties.

With super-stardom on the horizon for Clio within Germany, the Berlin-based singer-songwriter has opted to change course and evolve. Gone is the optimism and cheerfulness of Clio’s past efforts, and in their place is a starker and more emotive approach. Today, Leslie Clio unveils her new sound with the aptly named “Darkness Is A Filler”, which we are immensely privileged to premiere today.

“Darkness Is A Filler” is spellbinding masterpiece – a song that will penetrate every inch of one’s fiber and embed itself deep in your soul. It has the titillation of London Grammar, the brooding remorse of The xx, and the breathtaking desolation of Daughter. And through the harrowing synths and electronics, Clio’s vocals shine through, but they are vulnerable and feel terrifyingly isolated. Her voice is the beacon from which we escape the darkness, yet Clio herself is unable to free herself from this entrapment. “Darkness Is A Filler” is simply mesmerizing, and this hidden gem’s brilliance should soon radiate across Europe and beyond.

“Darkness Is A Filler” is the first taste of Leslie Clio’s third album, Purple, which is due 19th May via Embassy of Music.

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photo by Daniel Feistenauer

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