Alternative rock fans in Canada and the United States will recognize the name Betty Moon, who was one of the original rockers to come out from the grunge era of the early ’90s. Through seven albums spanning a quarter-of-a-century, Moon won the adoration of critics and listeners for her hard-driving sound and honest songwriting. She’s been nominated for four CASBY Awards, which are given annually to the best alternative music in Canada, as well as opened for Pink Floyd.

For the better part of this millennium, the Toronto-born artist has called Los Angeles home to expand her base while delving into new projects, including recording music for notable television series such as The Walking Dead and Californication. Her biggest challenge, however, may just be in front of her, as she has completely remade herself on her forthcoming eighth album, CHROME.

The first song, “Sound”, was shared a week ago, which was an unexpected pop number. Today, she shares the second single from the record in “Liar”, which we are pleased to premiere today.

The song continues Moon’s foray into the pop spectrum, but there are still elements of her alt-rock days still heard on the track. For starters, “Liar” is an anthemic number filled with moments where you just want to let go and be in the moment of Moon’s soaring vocals and the groovy rhythms. While she could have dovetailed into typical, pop, songwriting waters, Moon has maintained her vivid storytelling. It is easy to think “Liar” is about a relationship and a cheating partner, but listen more carefully and there’s something – or someone – more sinister in the tale. Call it the Hollywood influence, as Moon adds a cinematic flair to this driving tune. Maybe pop music was indeed made for this veteran artist.

Betty Moon’s 8th studio album, CHROME, arrives March 24th. Her own label, Evolver Music, will be releasing the LP.

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