Since last autumn, darkDark have been one of the buzziest electronic duos (and we also have been buzzing about them), wowing listeners with their cinematic take of the genre. Today, their first EP, Heathered, has been released for all to hear. The five-song record is filled with memorable numbers, such as the breathtaking “Shelter”, the dreamy “Moments”, and the heart-racing “Stay Close”. But it was their second single, “Restless”, that told us Genevieve Vincent  and Chris James were on the path towards stardom. The song is enrapturing, a song that steals your heart and sweeps you to a place only seen in your dreams.

It wasn’t just what they created with this song that made us pay attention, but who they enlisted to sing lead vocals – Haley Bonar. Despite darkDark’s short portfolio, the great Canadian-American singer-songwriter and indie star jumped on the opportunity to perform with them. This told us all we needed about the duo – that they are electronica’s future.

As darkDark’s star grows brighter, what other artists could potentially collaborate with the Los Angeles-Austin duo? We think over time there will be dozens of musicians lining up to play with them. In the meantime, Vincent and James offer fifteen names they hope will be calling them in the near future. Read their wish list below, and they’ve provided a playlist as well. In addition, take a listen to Heathered on SoundCloud, and it will be the one record you’ll be spinning all weekend.

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photo by Shervin Lainez


darkDARK’s Collaboration Wish List

  1. FKA twigs“Weak Spot”

Her expressive, sexy, mysterious, singular voice. This track is just art.


We love the production and vocal on this track. We love the ebb and flow of the vibe here, and vocal harmonies.

  1. Flume“Depth Charge”

The uniqueness of his sound, the feel he can achieve, and endlessly interesting grooves and details are incredible.

  1. Nick Grant“Get Down (Poonana)”

Love his flow. Jazz samples weaving in and out. A unique undeniable vibe.

  1. Empress Of“Kitty Kat”

Her uncommon, artistic beats here slay us. Her vocal is both powerful and delicate, dancing over the track and driving it.

  1. Feekee“Anyway”

Poetic, intense, with a hook we can’t get out of our heads.

  1. Little Dragon“High”

Her voice always finds the perfect phrasing, harmonies, and pocket, locking into drum and bass. Lyrical and smart.

  1. Danny L Harle“Superlove” remix/remake (original by Tinashe)

Her vocal is intimate, powerful, locked in and we’re addicted to the production on this remix.

  1. Moon Bounce“Empty Hole”

The beat is so laid back and cool with the vocal that sits in just the right place with harmonies that give this track soul.

  1. NAO“Bad Blood”

Her insane vocal range and power give us chills. The beat is relentless and yet unpredictable.

  1. shlohmo“11_9_10”

We love how he creates soundscapes and takes us to another world.

  1. M83“Bibi The Dog” (feat. Mai Lan) (Fabich Remix)

French, endlessly cool.

  1. Kamaiyah“How Does It Feel”

Her individual voice and flow. The minimal track with a rad lead synth.

  1. BANKS“Poltergeist”

She has so much darkness and power in her voice. We want to be near her, we’re a little bit afraid of her, but the track is transcendent and we can’t stop listening.

  1. Carpenter Brut“Turbo Killer”

Smacks you in the face with brutal analogue synths at 100MPH. We can’t get enough.

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